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COLUMN: Goodbye, Central

Leaving high school was easy. I’d been preparing for it mentally for 13 years. When I walked across the makeshift wooden stage at H.H. Dow High School, I knew it was time to go, because the public school circle of […]

COLUMN: Don’t change the player, change the game

A staunch Republican friend of mine and I were discussing Washington’s buzzer-beater finish to avoid the fiscal cliff. Though we rarely agree on anything, we came to at least one common conclusion: “It’s great politics but poor leadership.” Most people […]
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MOVIE REVIEW: Skyfall is slam dunk for the nearly-retired demographic

James Bond, as promised at the end of “Quantum of Solace,” has returned this month for another installment in the 50-year-old British spy series. While he still gives us all the thrills we expected (it just wouldn’t be a Bond […]

ALBUM REVIEW: The Menahan Street Band’s ‘The Crossing’ demands listeners to pay attention

The Menahan Street Band’s new album “The Crossing,” released Oct. 30, is a sepia-toned set of instrumental jazz-soul tracks that feel fresh out of the 1970s. The album marks the band’s latest studio release since backing Charles Bradley’s vocal soul debut. […]
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COLUMN: Jon Huntsman and the future of the GOP

Tuesday’s election has finally come and gone, leaving behind a blissful lack of candidate ads. Now, when commercials come on, we can set aside all our political anxieties and just watch Greg Jennings sell us Old Spice in peace. The […]
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ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’

Taylor Swift’s Oct. 22 release, Red, comes almost exactly two years after her last stint in the studio with 2010’s Speak Now. Her new set of tracks is lyric-focused country-pop, with a definitive new electric attitude around the edges, but many […]
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A Fine Frenzy’s “Pines” alternately abstract, familiar

A Fine Frenzy’s third studio album, “Pines” takes a listener through some more familiarly structured pop-rock songs, while saving some time to launch into the more extended and abstract. California singer-songwriter Alison Sudol, who goes by the stage alias A […]
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ALBUM REVIEW: Bob Dylan’s ‘The Tempest’ puts lyrics, poetry at the fore

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s new studio album, “The Tempest,” released Sept. 7, is his latest in a long line of work since his eponymous 1962 debut. It’s also his first album since being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in May. The […]
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COLUMN: “Inelegantly stated” —Two ways to make a political gaffe

Mitt Romney’s recently published remarks on “the 47 percent” have grabbed just as much air time and page space as Obama’s unfortunate “guns and religion” quote from his 2008 campaign. The gaffe comes at an unfortunate time for Romney, whose […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Matchbox Twenty’s ‘North’ an alright comeback for the band

Matchbox Twenty’s latest album, “North,” comes after a five-year break from the recording studio and 2007’s “Exile on Mainstream.” Released on Sept. 4, the album offers listeners the band’s classic no-frills hard rock sound (diehard fans rest assured) but with […]
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COLUMN: Seeing Red and Blue

The U.S. bi-party political system is about as American as apple pie. The last president to be anything but a Democrat or a Republican was Millard Fillmore, a Whig whose time in office ended more than a decade before Abraham […]

Downtown construction on Michigan Street begins, not expected to disrupt business

Downtown Mount Pleasant’s Michigan Street will soon be receiving a makeover. Construction on Michigan Street began Monday and is expected to continue through August 17, redeveloping roughly 0.3 miles of city street between Fancher and Washington. Roger Rousse, director of […]

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