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EHS down $1 million from last year, officials still optimistic

EHS down $1 million from last year, officials still optimistic

This is the second story in a series that will outline the impacts of low enrollment and the budget deficit on each of CMU’s academic colleges.  The College of Education and Human Services’ operating budget has been slashed by $1 million […]

COLUMN: Finals will kill you

The weather is finally starting to get warmer, and you’re talking to friends back home and making plans for the summer, but there’s one thing in your way: finals. It’s nothing new. We’ve all taken finals before, and we all […]

COLUMN: Don’t give up on humanity just yet

I didn’t hear about the attacks in Boston until nearly two hours after the bombs went off. Later that night, I turned on CNN to follow what happened and to wrap my head around this whole thing. As they showed […]

COLUMN: More alike than different

I was 10 years old the first time I interacted with a child with special needs. It was in my mom’s classroom, where she would teach children who were dually diagnosed with a cognitive and an emotional impairment on a […]
Provost Gary Shapiro speaks during the Academic Senate meeting Tuesday afternoon in Pearce Hall. (Kirsten Kearse/Staff Photographer)

Social media, advertising, communication strategies discussed at Academic Senate

Updates regarding the Central Michigan University social media sites, advertising efforts and fundraising campaign information were among topics of discussion during Tuesday’s Academic Senate meeting. Sherry Knight, associate vice president of university communications, presented an update on University Communications and […]
College of Medicine / University

CMED EMS fellowship gains accreditation

Central Michigan University is now in the company of 21 medical schools in the United States with a nationally accredited Emergency Medical Services fellowship program. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the organization responsible for accrediting post-M.D. medical training programs […]
College of Medicine / University

CMED standardized patient and clinical simulation center opens

The Central Michigan University College of Medicine celebrated the grand opening of the standardized patient and clinical simulation center Friday. The center has two major components: the standardized patient center and the simulation center. The standardized patient center consists of […]
Greeks / Student Life
Northville junior Grayson Smith of Phi Alpha Delta acts as a prosecuting attorney during Thursday evenings mock murder trial at the Isabella County Courthouse, 200 N Main St. Phi Alpha Delta is an academic pre-law fraternity of students who are interested in careers in law. (Chuck Miller/Staff Photographer)

Phi Alpha Delta members host mock murder trial

Some Central Michigan University students took a night off from studying to convict a murderer. Members of Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity held a mock murder trial in the Isabella County Courtroom Thursday evening in an effort to provide members […]

Ross: Shift calendar change discussion to academics

Central Michigan University President George Ross said discussions regarding the proposed academic calendar change need to focus on the academic impact it would have on faculty and students. “(Currently), there is no committee dedicated to the academic impact (of the […]
President George Ross answers questions during the president’s report during the Academic Senate meeting on Jan. 15 in Pearce Hall. “Our campus takes about a million dollars a day to run,” Ross said. (Trisha Umpfenbach/ Staff Photographer)

Ross: CMU still a safe campus, university will continue to review safety improvements

Despite last week’s abduction and sexual assault of a student, University President George Ross said CMU is still a safe campus. Concerns have been raised about the safety of the university, the efficiency of the police department and the effectiveness […]

With national flu epidemic CMU says its given out 800 shots

More than 800 students have gotten flu shots through Central Michigan University Health Services in response to early outbreaks this winter. According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, some officials believe this is the earliest the flu outbreak has begun […]

Search for associate vice president of institutional diversity back on

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the correct title of the job. Two finalists have been selected for the associate vice president of institutional diversity position after none of the previously selected candidates were offered the job. […]

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