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Theresa Clift is currently a Staff Reporter and was fall 2011 University Editor at Central Michigan Life.


COLUMN: Farewell to the penthouse

I rode the creaky elevator to the top floor of Moore Hall and wandered slowly down the dimly lit hall. It was my first day of college and the first of many times that I’d make that familiar walk. I […]
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UPDATED: CMU rejects requests from unions to extend contracts

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected for accuracy. Less than six weeks before the state’s right-to-work law takes effect, Central Michigan University rejected requests from two campus unions looking to add security clauses to their contracts that would keep […]
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Wetboro Baptist Church memeber Shirley Phelps-Roper speaks with students of professor Dr. Timothy Boudreau Monday afternoon in the Park Library Auditorium. Phelps-Roper was joined by three other memebers of the church. This is the second time she has come to CMU to speak with Boudreau's classes. (Andrew Kuhn/Staff Photographer)

Westboro Baptist Church members exemplify limits of free speech in return to CMU

The “most hated family in America” returned to Central Michigan University Monday. Associate Professor of Journalism Tim Boudreau invited Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., to speak to three journalism classes to illustrate the “outer limits” of the First Amendment. […]
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Isabella County first to oppose elimination of local property tax

The Isabella County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to oppose legislation that would eliminate the state’s personal property tax. The package of eight bills, introduced in the Michigan Senate on Tuesday, would phase out the personal property tax for industrial […]
Mount Pleasant

99 percent spring movement comes to Mount Pleasant

This week, 100,000 people nationwide will be trained in non-violent action through The 99 Percent spring movement. Saturday, about 30 local residents joined when the movement came to Mount Pleasant. Andrew Blom, assistant professor of philosophy and religion, is one […]
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CMU minority enrollment hits record; admissions office says it has never used affirmative action

More minority students are currently enrolled at Central Michigan University than in the past 10 years. On-campus minority enrollment hit a record of 2,025 students for the fall 2011 semester, 9.5 percent of the total on-campus population. In fall 2010, […]
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Political candidacy policy ruled not in violation of act, office professionals union loses case

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday Central Michigan University’s political candidacy policy is not in violation of the state’s Political Activities by Public Employees Act. The policy, adopted in 2008 by the CMU Board of Trustees, requires employees seeking […]
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Mount Pleasant residents Karen Clark, left, and Marilyn Zorn, right, listen to a lecture in [REL 320: Buddhism Tradition] Feb. 27 in Anspach Room 168. Zorn, 84, is the oldest student at CMU. (Adam Niemi/Staff Photographer)

CMU’s oldest student: Marilyn Zorn has taken almost 100 credits for free

For more than 20 years, Marilyn Zorn taught English literature and composition at Central Michigan University. Now she’s back in the classroom — this time, as a student. At 84, Zorn is currently the oldest student enrolled at CMU. She […]
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Ron Paul event draws supporters, detractors

More than 1,450 people from across the state flocked to Central Michigan University Saturday to hear Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign speech before Tuesday’s primary. John Engel traveled from Bay City to support Paul, who he called “the only […]
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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks to a capacity audience in Plachta Auditorium in Warriner Hall on Saturday night. (Adam Niemi/Staff Photographer)

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Ron Paul delivers campaign speech Saturday to full Plachta Auditorium

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke to a beyond-capacity crowd Saturday in Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium before Tuesday’s primary. While the auditorium has 1,226 seats, many more attended, standing both inside and outside the room. Both the lower seating area […]
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Most FA members hired as CMED faculty will remain in union, some new hires were removed

The College of Medicine’s first full-time faculty member, Dr. W. Robert Fleischmann, was a due-paying member of the Faculty Association for four months before his exclusion from the union in January. He has not asked for a refund of the […]
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Political candidacy policy passed in 2008 still has opposition from CMU union

The Political Candidacy Policy adopted by Central Michigan University in 2008 has several groups on campus unhappy more than three years later and has sparked an ongoing lawsuit. In December 2008, the CMU Board of Trustees adopted the policy, which […]

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