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President George E. Ross speaks during a Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday in Bovee University Center. (File Photo | Katy Kildee)

Board of Trustees to review 2014-15 budget at next meeting

Central Michigan University’s Board of Trustees will review a $462 million proposed operating budget for the 2014-15 academic year at Tuesday’s meeting. The proposed operating budget is a $22 million increase from the 2013-14 academic year. The budget includes $266 million in […]
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Student Emergency Fund helps students through hard times and stay in school

Student Emergency Fund helps students through hard times and stay in school

  There was once a time in Carrie Coulombe’s career as a student at Central Michigan University when her future – and chances of graduating – were in doubt. At the end of the Fall 2012 semester, Coulombe was having […]
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Despite low government funding history, per-student appropriations, CMU continues to see increase in performance funding

Although University President George Ross argued a change in the per-student appropriations system in February, Central Michigan University has seen recent financial assistance increases in other areas. “(Michigan has) had three consecutive years of increases all tied to performance funding and […]
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University vets feedback for new furniture

Academic space and remodeling is looking for student opinion on different desk models which could be implemented in classrooms in the future. Different desk models will be on display in the Student Involvement Center in the Bovee University Center, at […]
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CMU sets all-time record for fundraising in a fiscal year

CMU sets all-time record for fundraising in a fiscal year

Annual fundraising efforts are helping to carry the load as financial issues continue to be a concern for Central Michigan University officials. University fundraising in 2012-13 totaled more than $14.5 million, breaking the 2008-09 record of more than $13.4 million. […]
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Annual university campaign sets record number of donors

A total of 1,063 donors gave money to Central Michigan University during the fall 2013 semester. The group consisting of faculty, staff and retirees set a record for the number of donors in one semester. The previous record was set in […]
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President George Ross testifies before the Senate Higher Education Committee on Thursday at Michigan State University. Ross called on state senators to reform the way universities receive per-student funding. 
(Daytona Niles | Staff Photographer)

CMU President George Ross calls on state to change performance-based funding during Senate testimony

LANSING, Mich. — Seven key areas determining how Central Michigan University receives state funding should be reformed, said University President George Ross. “Why should a student at CMU be supported by less than $3,600 per year in state funding, while […]
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Snyder proposes 6.1-percent higher education funding increase, CMU could see additional $5.8 million

Gov. Rick Snyder announced Wednesday he would raise state appropriations for public universities by 6.1 percent for the 2015 fiscal year. The total higher education appropriation equates to $80.3 million in funding for the state’s 15 public universities, according to […]
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CMU lobbying efforts recognized by faculty, state representatives

Central Michigan University lobbying efforts have helped offers support in tough times with state representatives having taken notice. Kathleen Wilbur, vice president of development and external relations, and Toby Roth Jr., director of federal programs in the Government Relations office, […]
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Robinson Hall

South Quad set to receive fire suppression update; North Campus remains without system

Three South Quad residence halls are set to receive new fire suppression systems, yet residence halls without proper fire suppression systems are still an area of concern for some students. The $4.6 million project to update the South Quad residencies […]
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Art department restructuring class offerings due to low enrollment, down $1.6 million in revenues

Art department restructuring class offerings due to low enrollment, down $1.6 million in revenues

The College of Communications and Fine Arts’ art department is feeling the pressure of campus-wide low enrollment, igniting a major restructuring and a rotation of its course offerings. The college as a whole is down nearly $1.6 million in projected […]
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Athletic department thrives amid campus budget deficit

Central Michigan University is pouring in more than $1 million in additional subsidies for the athletics department this year, despite cutting back on allocations for almost every academic college on campus. The athletics department is operating with about $200,000 less […]

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