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Impact of bill on minimum health care contribution level for public employees at CMU uncertain

The state senate approved a bill last week that requires all public employees to make a 20 percent minimum contribution to their health care costs. Whether public university employees are considered public employees remains to be seen, said Lori Hella, […]
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President Ross spoke before faculty and students during the Presidential Forum Wednesday afternoon at the Bovee Auditorium. (Sean Proctor/Staff Photographer)

Presidential forum discusses CMU’s future

University President George Ross said a personal forum is necessary to help keep transparency at the university — online posts and emails sometimes are not enough. About 200 people attended a presidential forum held by Ross from 2:30 to 3:30 […]

Market values at work dictate faculty pay increases, discrepancies among departments

Though much has been made of rising administrative pay in Michigan public universities, faculty in high-demand areas have also seen growing pay checks. Faculty salaries increase with annual bargaining agreements, said Robert Martin, associate vice provost of faculty and personnel […]
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CMU has $100 million in deferred maintenance projects, board approves to maintain $5.7-million budget

The board approved to funnel $5.7 million into deferred maintenance and $1.4 million into the classroom improvement fund Thursday during the board of trustees meeting. Steve Lawrence, associate vice president of Facilities Management, said there are 38 different project areas […]
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Amount of state support still up in air as legislature prepares proposed budgets

The amount of funding Central Michigan University will receive from the state remains uncertain. Toby Roth, director of federal programs, said CMU is waiting to see what happens because the state House and Senate have yet to release budget proposals. […]

Ross testifies in Lansing, says cuts unfair, CMU has heavy impact on Michigan economy

George Ross’ message to state lawmakers on Wednesday was clear and concise — state appropriations shrink and universities raise tuition in response. The university president testified before the state House and Senate Appropriations Higher Education subcommittees about CMU’s budget in […]
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University President George Ross to state legislators: Invest in higher education

University President George Ross testified before Michigan lawmakers Wednesday and urged them to invest in the state's higher education. Before the state House and Senate Appropriations Higher Education subcommittees, Ross spoke on Central Michigan University’s budget in response to Gov. […]
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Ross to testify over governor’s proposed budget today; students express concern over cuts

Andrew Roeser said he feels the proposed 23.3 percent cut to Central Michigan University’s state appropriations is wrong. He said he hopes when University President George Ross testifies to the state legislature Wednesday he will defend CMU and attempt to […]
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CMU administrative salaries increase 30 percent from 2005-06 to 2009-10

Administrative salaries at Central Michigan University have increased 30.1 percent while tuition has increased 51.6 percent since fiscal year 2006, according to data compiled by the Detroit Free Press. The report said faculty salaries have increased by 23.8 percent in […]

Verdict unclear if tuition incentive grant will supplement CMU’s base funding

Ashley Chaplain said she has read through Gov. Rick Snyder’s 156-page budget proposal and she does not like the accounting gimmicks she sees. “It seems like everything is coming off the backs of students,” the Wixom senior said during the […]
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Bill to defund public broadcasting passes U.S. House of Representatives, support low in Senate

Local aficionados of National Public Radio could be missing music to their ears. H.R. 1076, a bill which would cut federal funding of public broadcasting, was approved by the U.S. House of Representative Thursday. Central Michigan University’s public radio station, […]

‘Modest’ increase in tuition slated for 2011-12 school year to buffer cuts from state

Central Michigan University received the largest funding cut of any state university in Gov. Rick Snyder’s recent budget proposal, and university officials are ready to accommodate the financial blow. If state lawmakers approve the proposal as is, CMU will receive […]

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