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Mount Pleasant residents Karen Clark, left, and Marilyn Zorn, right, listen to a lecture in [REL 320: Buddhism Tradition] Feb. 27 in Anspach Room 168. Zorn, 84, is the oldest student at CMU. (Adam Niemi/Staff Photographer)

CMU’s oldest student: Marilyn Zorn has taken almost 100 credits for free

For more than 20 years, Marilyn Zorn taught English literature and composition at Central Michigan University. Now she’s back in the classroom — this time, as a student. At 84, Zorn is currently the oldest student enrolled at CMU. She […]
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Enrollment and Student Services office plans for realignment

The Office of Enrollment and Student Services has started making an organizational evaluation to help to better align enrollment services with those pertaining to student life. Plans to realign the department are developing to create better synergy within the organization, […]
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Freshman retention rates high, students return in following years

Recent retention rates show Central Michigan University freshmen seem to be adjusting well with the transition from high school to college. According to the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, CMU has had a 90.78 percent retention rate of freshmen […]

Off-campus spring enrollment increased by nearly 10 percent since last year

Central Michigan University’s off-campus enrollment is on the rise for the third consecutive year, according to the Office of the Registrar. From 2009 to 2010, off-campus spring enrollment has increased by more than 9.5 percent, from 7,445 to 8,312 students. […]

CMU’s total enrollment this year reduced by 78 students from 2010-11

Central Michigan University had a loss of 78 students this year with a total of 28,311 students registered. This is a 0.3 percent decrease, according to the Office of the Registrar’s annual report. Mary Meier, assistant director of institutional research, […]
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Troutman residency based on scholarship, not race; misunderstanding remains

Southfield sophomore Kristen Bright is a Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer scholarship recipient  — one of many to be placed in Troutman Hall. However, she wants her peers to know the scholars are not placed there because of race, but […]
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Study finds low graduation rates among part-time college students

By Carla Rivera Los Angeles Times Growing numbers of college students are in school part time, and they face increasingly long odds of ever graduating, according to a report released Tuesday. The report, Time is the Enemy, by the nonprofit […]

More than 3,000 prospective students anticipated at CMU and You Day Saturday

More than 3,000 prospective students will experience life on campus during the 40th annual CMU and You Day Saturday. Deemed Central Michigan University’s open house, those who attend will get the chance to meet and talk with faculty and staff, […]
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Faculty Association fights for increased tuition remission; 651 students received free credits last year

Faculty and other full-time employees at Central Michigan University receive a maximum benefit of 24 credit hours of tuition remission per year for themselves, their spouses or their dependent children. The Faculty Association has proposed to raise the cap to […]

Record 400 international graduate students enrolled this fall

Instead of partaking in the controversial practice of paying international recruiting agents to travel worldwide, Central Michigan University pays to have its profile appear in online directories. As a result, the university has seen an increase in international students during […]
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Changes to financial aid, retention programs, cultural competency recognition discussed at Academic Senate meeting

Provost Gary Shapiro said federal budget cuts will affect availability for need-based student financial aid at Tuesday’s Academic Senate meeting. “We’ve been trying to beef up need-based financial aid,” Shapiro said. “We need to know that things are not nearly […]
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CMU graduates less than average international students from still-growing engineering program

As the U.S. struggles to regain prominence in science and innovation, Central Michigan University is looking to make a name for its young engineering program. The U.S. ranks No. 48 in quality of education in math and science, according to […]

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