New business law, regulation class added for fall, fulfills requirement for legal studies minor

A new course taught by Kenneth Sanney will focus on intellectual copyright laws, a subject he hopes digs deeper than any other class. Sanney, an assistant professor of business law and regulation, has been teaching at CMU for two years […]
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Chauncey Sterling

UPDATED: Arrest made in shooting death of CMU off-campus instructor

An 18-year-old man was arrested Sunday evening in connection with the Friday murder of a Central Michigan University adjunct faculty member in North Carolina. Chauncey Sterling is charged with the murder and robbery of Robert L. Barber.
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Candidate for EHS dean addresses crowd of 30 on Monday

Shawn Quilter said he sees teaching as a relationship of learning that gets someone from point A to point B. “I want to share our vision with the alumni and have them help position Central the way we want it,” […]
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Central Michigan University to host conference aimed at prospective Latino students Thursday

Director of Admissions Betty Wagner said diversifying the campus is a top priority and the Advocates for Latino Student Advancement and Michigan Education conference is an effort to do so. Speakers for ALSMAE include 20/20’s John Quiñones, alumnus and WXYZ’s […]
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Robert Barber

CMU ProfEd instructor shot to death in North Carolina, remembered as dedicated employee

A man his students called a “great and knowledgeable” instructor was gunned down and killed late last week in North Carolina. On Friday morning, Robert L. Barber, a temporary, ProfEd employee of the Doctorate of Health Administration Program, was pronounced […]

Islamic art course gives Middle Eastern perspective through artwork

Students looking for a different perspective on Islam will be able to take a more artistic view this fall. The Art Department will offer ART 397E: Islamic Art this fall. Instructor Scott de Brestian will teach the class. De Brestian […]
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Union of Teaching Faculty turns intended protest into celebration over proposed agreement with CMU

A Wednesday intended for battle between the Union of Teaching Faculty and Central Michigan University turned into a day of celebration. In light of the recent agreements reached between the college and the temporary faculty teacher's union, the planned "Bridge […]
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CMU freshman to be first student to study abroad with physical disability

After countless hours of preparation to become the first student in a power wheelchair to study abroad, Lauren Presutti is ready for lift off. When the Milford freshman first moved two hours from her home and started her life on […]

Central Michigan University graduates find work in teaching English overseas

Most students are a little hesitant to sell all their belongings and move overseas post-graduation, but not Jake Barnett. The Macomb senior has already sold his big-screen television, surround sound system, collectibles and car in preparation to move to Asia […]

Student creating iPad app based on award-winning meteorology research

Aside from slamming the snooze button, checking the weather forecast is an essential part of many students' mornings. Some, however, take their fascination with the shifting skies to award-winning levels — and turn it around into a new app. In […]

Spring 2011 commencement speakers chosen; Events Center to be venue for ceremonies

Speakers for the 2010 May commencements include leaders of several nationally successful businesses and organizations. The speakers for the May graduation ceremony were approved for honorary doctorate degrees during the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees meeting Thursday.
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Child Development and Learning Lab preps students for real-life scenarios before graduation

Sarah Lechota has picked up a skill in her time at Central Michigan University that most other students likely have not — how to manage a classroom of preschoolers. The Flint senior said she wants to be a preschool teacher […]

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