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Dictionary should not go digital-only

Several weeks ago, my roommate and I were watching CNN when a report came on discussing the possibility of the third Oxford English Dictionary edition going online and not being printed because of its growing popularity among Internet users. We […]
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Both parties standing in way of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal

What should have been a monumental and historic occasion was reduced to a political ploy for votes and ultimately failed, leaving a legal form of discrimination in place. On Monday, a provision that would have led to the repeal of […]
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Smokers must be responsible with their butts

Walking back to the Towers, I passed a trash receptacle and spotted an empty cigarette pack carelessly left on the ground. It was not an unusual sight to see, but what shocked me is that I picked up five more […]
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GOP must not sabotage themselves this November

Nov. 2 will be a good day for Republicans — there is no doubt about that. But leave it to the GOP to take what should be a phenomenal year electorally and start ruining races one by one.
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Debates in gubernatorial race unnecessary

Political debates are dull, tedious and boring, and thanks to this year’s gubernatorial candidates, Michigan voters may be spared from them. The sides representing Democratic candidate Virg Bernero and GOP candidate Rick Snyder have not been able to compromise on […]
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Staying smart with credit card payments can beat interest rates

With a little thought and effort, it is possible to beat credit card companies in the game of interest rates. While at Target the other day, my wife and I decided to look at TVs. We weren’t planning on getting […]
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Illiteracy still a real problem, needs to be tackled

While recently catching up with a childhood friend, I learned that she currently attends a community college in my hometown of Detroit. Her classes, one in particular, a basic English course, contain many people in their mid- to late-20s. She […]
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Suicide prevention is everybody’s responsibility

What do people always seem to say whenever they have heard the shocking and heartbreaking news that someone they know or once knew has successfully committed suicide? “I never saw this coming” or “I wish there was something I could […]
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Don’t be a jerk to food service employees

They are people who are far too often taken for granted. Most make minimum wage. They are people that we see every day, yet often don’t even give a second thought about what we would do without them. Who are […]
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Not all conservatives are far-right extremists

As someone who freely admits to being politically conservative, it always angers me when people just assume I am tuned into Fox News 24/7 and I already have a ballot punched for Sarah Palin in 2012. I do not watch […]
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A longboat takes visitors snorkeling in the Andaman Sea as well as visiting the surrounding islands of Ko Lipe Island on March 18 in the southern peninsula of Thailand. (Victoria Zegler/Staff Photographer)

Finding freedom across the Pacific

As a child, I always dreamed of adventure. My days were spent getting lost in the large valleys I grew up in along the southern California coast.
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CMU can learn from Temple loss

PHILADELPHIA — Thursday’s overtime loss to Temple was the kind that will sting a little longer than most. Still riding a high from last season and with big-game potential, the Chippewas showed up and played a great game.

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