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EDITORIAL: Professors actions have tarnished our image. CMU deserves better.

A professor’s duty at Central Michigan University extends beyond instruction. While teaching classes is the primary role of the faculty, they are also expected to serve as mentors, counselors and guides for young, growing minds. We hold them to the […]
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EDITORIAL: Sacrificing human rights, democracy for ‘rape insurance’

Last week, Michigan enacted a law that was absurd in both what it said and how it was decided. The Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act – or perhaps more accurately titled, “Rape Insurance” – became law Thursday. The new provision requires […]
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EDITORIAL: Our right to know

Fourth U.S. President and author of the first amendment James Madison said knowledge will forever govern ignorance. People who mean to be their own governors must continuously arm themselves with the power with which knowledge gives. Sunday was Madison’s birthday […]
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Plaintiffs to lift the ban on gay marriage, April DeBoer, background left, and her partner Jayne Rowse, stand outside Federal Court in Detroit, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 on a lunch break during their trial. (Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

EDITORIAL: Family and equality: An appeal against Michigan’s hateful same-sex marriage ban

Ten years ago, the state of Michigan voted to deny same-sex couples their fundamental right to marry. This week, Michigan has been forced to rethink its opinion in federal court – and it’s about time. Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer are […]
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University President George Ross looks at his watch while walking from Charles V. Park Library to Warriner Hall after a press conference, as hundreds of protestors follow behind chanting "negotiate now." (Jeff Smith/Staff Photographer)

EDITORIAL: A call for polite, productive negotiations

After rocky contract negotiations between the administration and Faculty Association in 2011, we hope to see improved relations – from both sides – this time around. Three years ago, the Faculty Association and the administration repeatedly failed to reach an agreement […]
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EDITORIAL: Inspiring hope from dreadful news

As journalists, we sometimes have to make uncomfortable decisions. It’s our job to tell all sides of a story. It’s our duty as a news source to provide detailed and accurate information to the community in a timely manner – […]
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EDITORIAL: Minimum wage increase helps students, promotes quality

With about half of all minimum-wage employees being younger than 25, college students account for a significant portion of our nation’s lowest-paid workers. As students struggle with rising tuition and other college costs, more can be done to ensure students […]
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(Illustration by Mariah Prowoznik | Visual Director)

EDITORIAL: Legalize pot, grow our economy

Laws that decriminalize medicinal and recreational marijuana use are gaining popularity nationwide. We support the legalization movement. Following the passing of Colorado’s 64th Amendment and Washington’s Initiative 502, a majority of Americans now poll in favor of marijuana reform. According to […]
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Editorial: Gender-based intramural rules are unfair, outdated

Several intramural sports on campus operate with rules that are designed to create gender equality among players by awarding advantages to females. This manifests in varying degrees, but ultimately makes their contributions either mandatory or of higher consequence than that […]
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EDITORIAL: Additional time, smarter decisions

Last semester, Central Michigan University students spent an estimated $2.65 million on classes without receiving credit. Withdrawing from courses and wasting your tuition dollars is both fiscally irresponsible and unnecessary. Students need to make better choices on course registration and […]
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EDITORIAL: Bridging the gap

Although Central Michigan University is slated to receive an additional $6 million in state appropriations for 2015, more needs to be done to ensure our university receives a fair amount of funding. Under the current budget, each CMU student is […]
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EDITORIAL: Keeping local business afloat

After local late-night favorite Lil’ Chef closed its doors Sunday, we’re reminded of the importance of fostering the growth of small business in Mount Pleasant and throughout the state. Earlier this month, Mount Pleasant was named one of the best […]

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