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Tiffany Williams

GUEST COLUMN: Inspire the next generation, consider teaching

I knew I was exactly where I needed to be when Stephanie looked up at me after finishing her math exam and said, “I did it.” I had challenged my students to grow two grade levels in math in one […]
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New experiences through study abroad

How do I tell my family, friends and especially my sisters of the Zeta Phi Beta that I want to travel more than 9,000 miles away from home, all by myself, just to study abroad in Singapore? This is the […]

LETTER: College abuse of Adderall gives unfair advantage

Recently it has came to my attention the prevalence of Adderall abuse in college students. Rather than setting appropriate time aside to study, students are relying on this substance to cram for an exam, or to focus on an exam. […]

LETTER: Actions by CMU officials admirable as child porn controversy erupts

Okay, I admit it – I’m a tad unnerved. That’s an understatement, actually. I’m extremely appalled and disturbed. As a Central Michigan alumni, teacher, and CMU educational technology graduate student, I think it is only natural to have a reaction […]

LETTER: Response to ‘Sexual health report card ranks CMU 111 out of 141′

As president of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood at CMU, I have mixed feelings about this report card ranking. I’m not surprised by the low ranking for the “overall website usability and quality, and quality of sexual health information and […]
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LETTER: Response to advice article

I have read some offensive articles in this newspaper, but your article “How to get the guy while his current relationship seems to be fizzing out” is more offensive to me, as a woman, than Mitt Romney’s “binders full of […]
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LETTER: In regards to calling the Athletics Department “incompetent”

As a true football fan, this article made me want to jump through the ceiling after I read it. To say that the athletic department is incompetent is not only unprofessional but incredibly inaccurate. Not to mention you posted inaccurate […]
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LETTER: ICTC should offer rides to voters

For the last presidential election and previous ones, dating back to Jimmy Carter, the Isabella County Transportation Commission has offered free rides to the polls to students, the disabled, seniors or anyone else who wanted to vote in the presidential […]
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LETTER: Take back the Tap legislation important

I was very shocked when I picked up a CM Life newspaper yesterday and read nothing about Monday evening when Student Government Association passed the Take Back the Tap legislation, which supports a gradual phase out of bottled water on […]

LETTER: Not ‘No on Proposal 2′

On Monday, October 29, CM Life ran an editorial suggesting that folks vote “no” on Proposal 2. I wish here to respond to that editorial. Full disclosure: I’m the president-elect of the CMU Faculty Association (better known `round these parts as the […]

LETTER: Sexualization of Breast Cancer Awareness Month saddening

As Breast Cancer Awareness month winds down, I am greeted with relief. The sexualization of breast cancer is not only on CMU’s campus, but it’s becoming a nationwide phenomena. Between “save the tatas” bracelets and “grope your wife” T-shirts, the […]

LETTER: Song played by marching band not anti-war

Jimmy Shepherd’s letter printed in Wednesday’s paper raises an important question as to the origin of the anti-war folk tune, “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.” Recent research has revealed that “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” the folk song presented as […]

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