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COLUMN: A white woman's issue

(10/29/14 5:39pm)

If there is one thing all feminists can agree upon is that men and women ought to receive equal pay for equal work. Really, the only people that can be seen to advocate against this simple concept is fedora-wearing, Cheetos-stained men’s rights activist; or, maybe, your Republican uncle, who thinks women getting paid is placing the pay gap over other life-affecting issues for women.

The accidental rapist

(09/25/14 9:23pm)

A survivor once told me, “My rapist doesn’t even know he’s a rapist.” Those words haunt me. In my work as a sexual health educator and activist, this issue comes up quite often. Working on a college campus means that any discussion about consent is also a discussion about alcohol. The intersection of the two raises many questions about the definition of rape.

Guest Column: Do your part this Earth Week

(04/21/14 3:58am)

This coming Earth Week is going to be the best one yet as it will be accompanied by a series of events such as a “trash art” competition, “eco-talks”, a garden party, documentary screenings, trivia night, and much more! From educational events, to artful activities, it is exciting that there will be a venue for everyone to plug-in to. But I’d like to push the envelope even further. This is a call to action for all students. This Earth Week, don’t just celebrate it, defend it!