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Neuroscience society helps raise awareness, get students involved

(11/27/15 12:20pm)

Central Neuroscience Society is a student based organization with the objective of promoting awareness about neuroscience research and events.“The society focuses on giving neuroscience students, especially freshmen, a supportive orientation and involve people who are interested to learn and apply neuroscience in their lives,” CNS president and Macomb CMU senior Kelsey Idyle said.

RSO requirement to promote diversity

(11/22/15 11:07am)

All 413 registered student organizations at Central Michigan University have vowed not to discriminate, but only 21 have gone a step further and actually promoted diversity.Located under policy number nine in The Policy Manual and Guide to Running an RSO, the Non-Discrimination Act clearly states that all students have equal opportunity in education, employment, and university programs.

Refugee crisis sparks meaningful conversation in Speak Up Speak Out forum

(11/19/15 11:56pm)

On Thursday night the Charles V. Park Library auditorium was filled to capacity as students and faculty members attended the Speak Up, Speak Out forum “Life Interrupted: Meeting the Challenge of Refugee Crises.” Although the event was planned six months ago, with millions of Syrian refugees now seeking asylum, the topic is more relevant than ever. “It did not suddenly become an issue on Friday, and even if ISIS were destroyed tomorrow it would continue to be an issue,” said Dr. Ted Clayton, event facilitator and political science professor.Recently, the nation has been debating whether or not refugees should be allowed into the United States.

Students spread cultural awareness at Unified Holiday Celebration

(11/19/15 10:03pm)

Julius Cantuba said it’s important for students to remember people celebrate winter holidays other than Christmas.“Before (students) go to Thanksgiving next week, the Unified Holiday Celebration brings awareness to other holidays,” said Cantuba, who is a student staff assistant in the Multicultural Academic Student Services office.The Unified Holiday Celebration was hosted by MASS in the Bovee University Center Rotunda on Thursday, Nov.

Transcend educates students on contemporary trans issues

(11/18/15 10:03pm)

Members of Transcend spoke about contemporary trans issues at Trans 201 sessions on Wednesday. During the sessions, students had the opportunity to ask questions in a safe space. Transcend president Ash Alexander and vice president Kai Neizgoda covered macro issues that affect trans individuals, such as violence, mental health and economic disparity, in addition to micro issues. Microaggressions include misgendering people, asking invasive questions, making assumptions and not allowing trans individuals to use the correct bathrooms. Neizgoda said microaggressions, which are often present in people’s daily lives, add up and have an impact on people.One example of invasive questioning they shared was Caitlyn Jenner being asked about the difficulties of being a woman.

North Art Studio cleanup leaves contaminated, contained air ducts

(11/18/15 3:38pm)

After metals including lead, copper and mercury were found in the North Art Studio over the summer at levels above Occupational Safety and Health Administration-recommended housekeeping limits, Sherry Knight said the building was cleaned successfully. She said no health concerns have been confirmed related to the studio contamination.A mechanical room on the second floor of the North Arts Studio still contains a few pieces of contaminated ductwork that are not in use and have been sealed and contained.