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McDonalds and other fast foods contain an obvious lack of nutrients. (Arin Bisaro | Staff Photographer)

Fast food lacks nutrients, provides students with cheap, easy fix

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a sesame-seed bun. For some, it’s a welcome part of American cuisine, an easy, tasty reprieve from a stressful day. For others, the Big Mac, and other fast food cuisine […]
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Local McDonald’s make use of competitor coupons

With three McDonald’s in Mount Pleasant, it’s no secret that it’s the place to go for a quick bite to eat. Not only do they offer a dollar menu, they also accept competitor coupons. Venus Ceja, general manager of the McDonald’s […]

EDITORIAL: Fast food workers have a point despite unreasonable demands

Protesting fast food workers have a point, even if demanding a $15-per-hour minimum wage is absurd. In major cities across the nation Thursday, fast food workers walked off the job and protested, demanding the federal government raise the minimum wage […]
Managers at both the McDonald’s and the Burger King Mission St. locations declined to comment Thursday afternoon on the recent employee protests in New York City, Chicago, and Detroit. (Katy Kildee/Assistant Photo Editor)

CMU students in support of fast-food protesters

Fast food workers in dozens of cities nationwide walked out Thursday to demand a $15-per-hour minimum wage and the ability to unionize, rallying supporters and confusing detractors. Employee walkouts occurred in more than 50 major cities Thursday, including Chicago and […]
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Mission Street McDonald’s hires security

Director of Public Relations for McDonald’s Dan Spalding said the Mission Street location has hired security to enhance safety. Spalding said McDonald’s does everything it can to ensure a positive and safe experience for its customers. “Different sites have different […]
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False alarm ‘robbery’ causes concern, confusion Wednesday

A call to the Mount Pleasant City Police Wednesday morning about a robbery at McDonald’s was a false alarm. Mount Pleasant Police Department Public Information Officer Jeff Browne said the subject was wearing a mask and carrying an umbrella and […]
A gray Chevrolet Corsica driven by McDonald's employee and Mount Pleasant resident Patrick Fuller collided with a green Dodge Neon driven by a young female, center, Thursday afternoon in front of McDonald's, 1804 S. Mission St. A female passenger who accompanied Fuller was taken away to a Mobile Medical Response vehicle on a stretcher. (Photo by Sara Winkler/Assistant Photo Editor)

UPDATED: One person hospitalized after two-car Mission Street accident

One person was taken to Central Michigan Community Hospital after a two-car collision at about 3 p.m. on Thursday near McDonald’s, 1804 South Mission St. Mount Pleasant resident Patrick Fuller, who was driving a Chevrolet Corsica, was pulling into McDonald’s […]

Campus Dining food items’ nutritional values vary, necessitates moderation

Each day, thousands of students are served breakfast, lunch and dinner in each of the four on campus residential restaurants. While eating the mass produced food, one bit of important information can slip a student’s mind — the nutritional facts […]

Ryan’s Rant: Poorly constructed fast food

The other day, my mother suggested I look into some weight loss programs. In response to her concern about my health, I decided to celebrate with my friends with a late-night sixth meal at McDonald’s.

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