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Residential restaurant hours flexible, but not enough for some students

For students who live on campus and attend night classes, finding a time and place to eat dinner on campus can be a challenge. According to Registrar Karen Hutslar, with a little more than 8,000 students enrolled in classes ending […]
Student Life
Real Food on Campus was given $1.5 million this summer to renovate various parts of the cafeteria, including the addition of the new Mongolian-Style Grill. (Victoria Zegler/Photo Editor)

Real Food on Campus given $1.5 million renovation for new Mongolian grill

Real Food on Campus was given a $1.5 million renovation this past summer, with its primary focus on a new Mongolian-style grill added to the cafeteria. Nikki Smith, the Marketing Manager for Campus Dining, said the RFoC renovations include multiple […]
Facilities Management

Two new technicians’ initiatives to save $14,300 per year on energy

This summer two retro-commission technicians began to examine older buildings on campus to find ways to cut gas, electrical and cooling consumption. Their projects began with Carey and Merrill Halls, which were completed about a month ago. Central Michigan University […]

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