SLIDESHOW: Fish N' Chips sing for more than 1,000 in Plachta Saturday, two members perform for the last time

Adrian Junior Aaron Scheich, Detroit Senior Kortez Buckner, and Wixom Senior Ryan Anderson of Fish N Chips Acapella perform at Plachta auditorium on Saturday night. Zack Wittman//Staff Photographer

A member of Michigan State University's A capella group, Capital Green, said their relationship with Fish N' Chips is similar to neighbors envying one another's Christmas lights.

"It's like a neighborhood when you put up your Christmas lights and think they look great, and the next day your neighbor puts up their lights and yours suddenly don't look so great," the group member said in regards to the friendly rivalry between the two groups.

Capital Green was the opening act for Fish N' Chips, Central Michigan University's oldest contemporary A cappella group. The group hosted its annual winter concert Saturday and entertained an audience of more than 1,000 in Plachta Auditorium.

The group performed various works by artists such as Michael Bublé, Kanye West, Usher, Coldplay and Katy Perry. The group's unique take on the songs performed had everyone in the audience cheering, clapping and singing along.

"I think it's fantastic," Commerce Township senior Chris Barne said.

Fish N' Chips also had an abundance of family in attendance to support them. Saginaw senior and group president Josh Lee's family was there to watch him perform for the first time.

"I think it's going great, they're all really good," Josh's sister, Lisa, said during intermission.

Lee's family was amazed at the talent level of the group and at how well they performed together. They said the show was more than they had ever expected.

Lee's parents said music has always been a large part of his life. They said as a toddler, he was already dancing and singing by himself, entertaining his family and specifically remembered this happening at his grandfather's birthday party when Lee was 2 years old.

The group's adviser and Director of the Leadership Institute Dan Gaken said the group has grown to be a family.

"They are always one inside joke away from having to take a five-minute recess," Gaken said. "Everyone has such a dynamic personality."

Gaken explained how far the group has come over the years, saying it has gone from being a group of talented musicians performing to a group of talented musicians who also excel in hosting events, which, through dialogue and videos, highlight their uniqueness and their ability to relate to their crowd.

"The optimal word is 'show.' It really is a show," Gaken said.

The crowd took to the performance enthusiastically, chanting out the names of the group members and tweeting lyrics, words of encouragement, pictures and shout outs, which were displayed via projector as the concert progressed.

Hudsonville senior Taylor Remy, along with Lee, performed their final songs on the Plachta stage after their group members spoke of the close friendships they've formed through the years.

"This group has been the biggest blessing in my life the last two years," Lee said. "(This show) went as (well) as we could have hoped for."

Lee chose to sing Bruno Mars' "Today My Life Begins" as his farewell song, while the rest of Fish N' Chips harmonized, beat boxed and danced behind him.

"A whole new world is waiting. It's mine for the taking," Lee sang, as the audience shouted words of encouragement and clapped along."I know I can make it; today my life begins"


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