Raving Geeks E6: Are you smarter than a Raving Geek?

In this episode, Ashley Martin creates a test for co-host Christian Valk to see if he can pass quiz questions from 1st Grade to 12th Grade. Listen to see what questions you can get right and see which Raving Geek can pass school before college! 

Sex is Central E4: CMU's Pride Month

Is it April? Yes, it is, and that means it is CMU's Pride Month! Hosts Courtney and Yesenia begin discussing how sex ed classrooms and curriculum have represented the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, it hasn't been all that great... at all. This is why SexisCentral will open up this conversation, for the next 2 episodes, in hopes to share some facts and positive representation!  

Disclaimer: We are always working to be inclusive and mindful on this podcast. So please feel free to reach out if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!

Past Deadline E2: Healthy neighborhoods and health equity

In this episode of "Past Deadline," reporter Nchiewe Ani sits down with CMU alumna and public health lecturer Dr. Janae Bady to discuss healthy neighborhoods and health equity.

Crime Time E6: What's up with University of Florida and Murder?


In this episode of Crime Time, Podcast Editor Abby Zimmerman investigates the murder of Saleha Huuda and the killing spree of the Gainesville Ripper.  

LISTENER DISCRETION STRONGLY ADVISED - This podcast includes conversations including sexual abuse and murder. This conversation may be deeply disturbing and may not be suitable for all ages. See below for source information. 

Where to report sexual misconduct concerns.

CMU Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity - 989-774-3253

CMU Police Department - 989-774-3081

Isabella County Sheriff's Department - 989-773-5911

Michigan State Police Department - 989-773-5951

Mount Pleasant Police Department - 989-779-5100

Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Department - 989-775-4700

Visit the Office of Civil Rights & Institutional Equity for more available resources.


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Raving Geeks E5: Battle of the Breakfast Food

 In this episode, co-hosts, Christian Valk and Ashley Martin, create a bracket of common breakfast foods and debate on what breakfast food is the king of them all. Listen in to see who is crowned king and see if you agree with our choices!  

Are you Smarter Than an CM-Lifer E6: Kaia Vs. Lauren

In this episode of "Are You Smarter Than an CM-Lifer" Abby Zimmerman is joined by Kaia Zimmerman and Lauren Rice as they battle it out for the top of the scorebored. Listen to hear about cloning sheeps, the time that Abby eat a whole container of vitamin's in one sitting, and Taylor Swifts. 

Raving Geeks E4: Star Wars

In this episode, co-hosts, Christian Valk and Ashley Martin, are joined by Yesenia Char, one of the amazing hosts of “Sex is central”, as this season’s first guest. Together they talk Star Wars ranging from opinions on the TV shows, iconic Movies, immersive video games, and Lightsabers in general.

Past Deadline :Navigating women's communities through the LGBTQ+ perspective

In this episode of Past Deadline, senior reporter Renae King sits down with Sophia Scarnecchia and talks about their experiences at Central Michigan University as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sex is Central:EP3 QUIZ TIME

In this episode, Courtney and Yesenia test their sex education by taking online quizzes! How many of these questions were you able to answer?

Disclaimer: Today's episode is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the quizzes described or mentioned in the episode. 

Crime Time E5: MK-Ultra


In this episode, Podcast Editor Abby Zimmerman dives into the true story behind MK-Ultra. The CIA and U.S government is full of secrets and conspiracy. These conspiracies have lead to popular shows like Stranger Things. Listen to hear about the real story behind Stranger Things and the reason that the U.S brought the world supply of LSD.

Are You Smarter than a CM-Lifer :Lucas vs Mason - Round 2

In this episode, Podcast Editor Abby Zimmerman is joined by CM-Life Ad teams Mason Turner and Lucas Bieganski as they face off for redemption and put their knowledge to the test. Stay tuned to find out who is CM-Life's animal guy and who is "Are You Smarter than a CM-Lifer" newest champion. You won't want to miss this!

Maroon and Bold E5

In this episode of Maroon and Bold, Hunter Gudyka talks about men's basketball clinching a spot in the MAC tournament. Plus Sydney Neal joins the conversations to talk about CMU womens basketball.

Raving Geeks E3: Video Games into Movies

In this episode, co-hosts, Christian Valk and Ashley Martin, talk about the variety of video games made into audience and critic loved or hated movies. Listen to see if your favorite movie is on the list and hear what critics have to say!

Maroon and Bold E4

 In this episode of Maroon and Bold, Hunter Gudyka comes on to talk about men’s basketball and their MAC tournament hopes. Then, Hadlee Peters joins the episode to talk about CMU gymnastics win over Bowling Green. Finally, Sydney Neal talks about CMU women’s basketball’s current struggles.  

MS NEWS: CMU Professor on her life in Nigeria

MS News - Multicultural Student Newsletter - is a place to have multicultural voices heard, provided with resources and a feeling of home. Central Michigan Life reporter Nchiewe Ani sits down with CMU English Professor Maureen Eke to talk about her experiences living in Nigeria and surviving the Nigerian Biafra war.

Sex is Central: Welcome Courtney

In in episode of Sex is Central, Yesenia Char is joined by our new co-host, Courtney Boyd! What better way to introduce Courtney than to have her share her sex education experience? Spoiler alert, she never had to wrap a condom around a banana. Our hosts also dive into a discussion comparing sex ed policies in Michigan, North Carolina, and Oregon. And somehow, Yesenia mentions Star Wars again. 

Get involved with Sex is Central by using the Link Below: 

Maroon and Bold S24 E3

 In this episode of Maroon and Bold, Sports Editor Kaia Zimmerman is joined by sports reporter Hunter Gudyka to preview the CMU men’s basketball’s toilet paper toss game. Then, Hadlee Peters joins the conversation to talk about CMU gymnastics first Mid-American Conference loss to Ball State. Finally, Sydney Neal comes on to talk about women’s basketball’s MAC tournament hopes. Also, the sports desk gives their takes on Valentine’s Day. 

Edited by Kwame Dwomoh Ofori

Breaking it Down: E2

 In this episode of "Breaking it Down," News Editor Lauren Rice is joined by Central Civics Student Coordinator Matthew Thomas and League of Women Voters member Frances Lichtman to break down the primary election coming to Michigan on Feb. 27. Stay tuned to hear about resources, millages and how-to's!  

Are you Smarter than a CM-Lifer : Ashley vs Christian

 In this episode of "Are You Smarter than a CM-Lifer, Podcast Editor Abby Zimmerman is joined by "Raving Geek" co-host Christian Valk and Ashley Martin as they fight to beat the scores of Nico and Jo. Stay tuned to hear about Meg vs. Jaws, Leonardo DiCaprio and Teen Wolf. Todays episode is sponsored by "Support Our Hoops" the best account management team at CM-Life.  

Raving Geeks E2: FNAF Lore

 In this confusing episode of raving geeks, co-hosts, Christian Valk and Ashley Martin, embark on an exhilarating complex journey into the intricate and mysterious lore of the widely acclaimed indie game series, Five Nights at Freddy's, crafted by the mastermind behind the madness, Scott Cawthon. 

Edited By Christian Valk