RSO Spotlight: Quidditch


Greg Cornwell | Staff Photographer The Central Michigan Centaurs held an open practice Sunday afternoon near Finch Fieldhouse.

As far as RSOs go, you’d be hard pressed to find a group with more magic than the quidditch team.

The game, based on the sport played on flying broomsticks in the Harry Potter series, involves broomsticks – though not the flying variety – four playing positions and a human Snitch.

“The broom is a handicap so you have to do everything one handed,” said Rebecca Bennett, a junior from Colorado, and a captain on the team. “The Keeper is like a goalie in soccer, they keep the other team from scoring. The Chaser scores goals on the other team, while the Beaters are playing defense and hitting everyone with dodgeballs. The Seeker’s job is to catch the snitch and end the game.”

The game can be very intense, as it’s very fast gameplay coupled with aggressive action on both sides. Even the Snitch, a person disguised as a game piece, often throws other players around, tripping and tackling them to prevent the team from winning the game.

“I just happened upon the quidditch table at mainstage and thought I'd go to the open scrimmage," said Novi senior Emily Patterson. "One hour of play and I was hooked. The game is fast-paced, aggressive, and very engaging.”

The Central Centaurs are ranked 18th internationally, and have place in the World Cup in Orlando, Fla. twice in as many years.

However, possibly the most extraordinary thing about the team isn’t how they play, but how they connect off the quidditch pitch.

“I joined quidditch because I needed a fresh start after burning myself out running, and quidditch provided me with that," said Nicole Lauhon, a sophomore from Gobles, Mich. "Of course I love all things Harry Potter, but quidditch is so much more than that. Harry Potter was about true friendship and bravery and so is quidditch. I felt that the very first time I came to a practice. I joined because of curiosity and stayed because of the people; they have done so much for me."

They may have started as a team, but it’s no surprise that they ended up as a group of friends.

“The quidditch community is also full of fun, quirky people who bond over the sport. As a quidkid, I feel right at home,” Patterson said.

The quidditch team meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-10 p.m. and Fridays from 4-6 p.m. at the Intramural Fields next to the SAC, and new players are welcome at any time and skill level.


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