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COLUMN: The power of prayer in times of crisis


Many people, when tragedies occur, lean on prayer.

Others say prayer is not enough.

After the mass shooting last year in San Bernardino, Calif. where 14 people were murdered, many politicians sent out prayers on Twitter.

This caused American liberals to question the very concept of prayer.

People felt those who had some political power should put those abilities to use. Critics ushered for them to take some political action, perhaps provide greater gun control.

Things continued to ensue and many started prayer shaming, stating, “God isn’t fixing this!”

Many even began to wonder, does prayer actually work?

I understand why many people think that prayer isn’t enough. Fourteen people were murdered.

This has not been the first mass shooting in the past year. Why does this keep happening? What do we do? The first thing we usually see is a hashtag stating a pray for this city while another mass shooting happens across town.

I believe whole-heartedly prayer does indeed work. However, I also believe that sending out a prayer via Twitter and actually being at home on your knees and praying are two completely different things.

I’m not saying that you have to be at home for your prayers to be heard, but there’s going to be some disconnect.

God doesn’t have a Twitter.

Many politicians post prayers on social media for likes and a quick response.

Most things people pray about are things the government cannot provide, such as rest and peace for loved ones, condolences, strength, and patience.

However, if you’re going to pray for action then you have to act.

After several years of going to church, the main thing I have learned is that prayer without action is powerless.

You have to actively participate in God’s will if you want to see change. One has to believe that what they’re praying about will come to pass.

I say prayer works because miracles happen every day. I don’t believe in magic so it must be God.

When you put your all into something, as we do with prayer, then you are ultimately attracting those thoughts into your life and those thoughts will soon come to light.