Report: CMU Athletics announce project for Kelly/Shorts Stadium


Central Michigan fans in ponchos during Central Michigan University's homecoming football game at Kelly/Shorts Stadium Saturday, Oct. 14.

Central Michigan University Athletic Director Michael Alford announced Dec. 11 that about $2.5 million has been committed by donors to help fund the creation of the "Champions Center" on the north side of Kelly/Shorts Stadium. 

The announcement was made through one of Alford's "Fire Up Chats" — used to make announcements to the public about the athletics department's plans. 

"Our donors are working to lay a literal foundation for a game-changing facility in the north end zone of Kelly/Shorts Stadium – The Champions Center," wrote Alford. "Already we have nearly $2.5 million committed to this project, and we are in discussions with an architect."

The scoreboard, CMU's locker room, training room and equipment room are on the north side of the stadium. The locker room connects to the Indoor Athletic Complex. 

On Feb. 3, 2016, former Athletic Director Dave Heeke announced his plans for a $10-20 million football facility renovation. Heeke described the current facilities as "dysfunctional." The renovation Heeke described featured new locker rooms, training rooms, and meeting space. He also mentioned the possibility to add some boxes and high-level seating on the north end of the stadium. 

Heeke left his job at CMU to become Athletics Director at the University of Arizona on Feb. 25.