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Centennial Nights thrills again with its February venue

Pineapple Psychology performs for Centennial Nights Feb 23 at Centennial Hall.

Smoke rose and lights flashed from stage as music fell upon the ears of Central Michigan University students and Mount Pleasant residents at Centennial Hall Feb 23. 

"Centennial Nights: February" took place at Centennial Hall 360 W. Michigan St. in downtown Mount Pleasant. The event was produced and sponsored by Magical Mitten Productions and Skuzzy Boys Presents LLC along with a group of members and promoters.

"Getting people together from all walks of life is the goal of these events," said Producer Chris Stewart. "We put on a wide variety of music so people can experience something new." 

At the event, two wedding banquet halls were transformed into rooms of human energy and music. The rooms become the ”Live Room," which was dedicated Friday to a cellist and three live bands, and the “Vibe Room”, dedicated to DJs, hip-hops artists, hula-hoopers and mass dancing. 

The Live Room was headlined by Act Casual a group of close friends from Detroit that began jamming in their basement eight years ago. They combine elements of blues and funk instrumental jams to create three-minute songs.  

“We came out to have fun, impress and get our name out there,” said bassist and founding member Dan Flynn. 

The Live Room’s festivities were kicked off for the second time by a cellist from Western Michigan University. 

Other bands featured included Pineapple Psychology -- a four-piece indie-rock group with a traditional drum set, bass and two guitar lineup. Their songs are narrative-driven and pull influence from many different genres. Fruit of the Womb was also featured, which is a heavy funk rock band made up of two members who were originally inspired by the subtle sounds of Guns N' Roses and Alice in Chains. They said they always promise energy and loud music. 

“I have been to other (Centennial Nights) events,” Hillman junior Riley Appelgren said. "It is the local music that keeps me coming back."

The event's Vibe Room was headlined by Psyntimental -- an electronic, bass performing duo from Detroit that has performed at shows and festivals across the country. 

"We have two new tracks for you guys to listen to," said members Nick Krauskoff and Trent Nedbal in unison as the sea of bobbing heads went wild.

Other musicians featured at Friday's Vibe Room included: hip-hop artist  Cassius Tae, Beverly Music, R1xomusic, Pedro Pe$o, Cigs + Snacks and Silent Lucidity. 

At each event, Centennial Nights has an art raffle that benefits a designated local charity. Friday's event sent items and food to Women's Aid Services Isabella County, whose mission is providing safety and empowerment to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The organization also works to eliminate sexual victimization. 

“The lights and music are all well done,” Manistique junior Bray Madjen said. "Centennial Nights is definitely the best music venue in Mount Pleasant."

A March date for the next Centennial Nights event has not yet been decided.