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Student service center consolidates advising for College of Health Professions

The front desk sits in the office of the CHP Student Service Center on Friday, Oct. 7, in the HP Building.

A new student service center has been added to the ground floor of the Health Professions Building this semester.

Staff of the student center moved into the space on July 15. It consists of an undergraduate academic adviser, a success coach, a director of graduate admissions and an assistant director of the service center, said Sharon Livernois, the center’s assistant director.

The center is located on the main floor in the center atrium area of the Health Professions Building.

The space was previously used as an open computer lab for health profession students, Livernois said. The computers were distributed throughout the college with the aid of the dean’s office.

Clint Fitzpatrick, director of the student service center and graduate admissions, said the reason for the renovation was to combine the graduate admissions office with the freshmen and transfer students’ academic advising center of the college.

This would allow all students within CHP to receive advising in a “one-stop shop,” Fitzpatrick said.

Before the change, the CHP academic adviser, Kelly Lawson, was located in Room 1215 of the Health Professions Building. Fitzpatrick, the graduate admissions director, was in Room 1213, which is located on a different floor.

Fitzpatrick said he did not know why the services were located in different areas of the college, but said he was glad they are now together.

Livernois added that students like the change, too.

“Students are very appreciative of one place to come to instead of zig-zagging across the (building),” she said.

Livernois said she wasn’t aware of students being notified of the change in advising. Nevertheless, she does not believe the center is underutilized for students not knowing its location.

“In our situation, it’s a matter of getting the word out,” she said. “We’re not underutilized by any means. I just think that we’re so new that when students become familiar with the concept of one-stop shop, we won’t be underutilized.”

Students who wish to set up an appointment with an adviser can contact the college’s general phone 989-774-2315 or The center’s office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.