"Truth in the Age of Trump" panel to discuss facts, role of media and the White House


The Society of Professional Journalists is hosting a panel discussion to address how the meaning of facts, truth and the media has changed under the Trump administration.

The “Truth in the Age of Trump” panel will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 6 in Moore Hall room 105. Panelists will include faculty and students from across campus who have different perspectives about President Trump’s effect on the topics.

South Lyon junior Patricia Alvord said the conversation will be mediated by Edgar Simpson, a journalism professor at CMU. Simpson will discuss President Trump’s objectives with the panelists, and how White House statements compare with the actual truth.

A segment on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” where Oliver stressed the inaccuracy of “truths” released by the White House inspired the Society of Professional Journalists to host the panel, Alvord said.

“Truth, journalism (and the role of) media is such a hot topic right now, so we wanted to see what different perspectives people have,” she said.

Because the purpose of the panel is to share different perspectives regarding truth and President Trump, Alvord said she hopes both liberal and conservative students will attend.

She stressed all viewpoints are valid and it would be beneficial for everyone to hear where the other side of the political spectrum is coming from.

“I hope students will come, appreciate what we’re doing and continue the conversation,” she said.