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College of Business partners with Automation Alley to conduct artificial intelligence research

The world as we know it is becoming more and more digitalized — and the College of Business Administration believes artificial intelligence and data analytics will soon play a bigger role in society. 

Along with six other colleges and universities, CBA has partnered with Automation Alley, which is Michigan’s leading technology and manufacturing business association. 

Together, they have been doing research with data analytics and artificial intelligence so students can be better prepared for the future.

Automation Alley and the other schools involved with this research will receive corporate support. Ford Motor Co. will back the research with funding and also provide professional insight. 

CBA Professor Debabish Chakraborty has played a role in the college’s research. He believes the work done by CBA will not only transform the lives of students at CMU, but society as a whole.

Chakraborty said artificial intelligence gives society the ability to analyze and collect large amounts of data at once.

“Traditionally, people would go out and collect data and would only collect as much data that they or the computer could handle. That is over now,” Chakraborty said.

CBA members have a desire to eventually take what they learn from the research and create a program centered around data analytics and artificial intelligence at CMU in the near future. 

“We are hoping lessons from this and market demand will allow us to offer concentrations and studies in big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence (within CBA),” Chakraborty said. 

Charles Crespy, dean of CBA, also recognizes the many benefits artificial intelligence and data analytics have to offer, which is why he wants to see it offered as a major program.

“Big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence are going to drive the future in every industry,” Crespy said. “The interesting thing for us is this kind of technological wave is really going to make us much more productive in society.”