"MAGA Truth Declaration" rally held in support of President Donald Trump

Trump supporters gather for the MAGA Truth Rally Nov. 8 at the Mount Pleasant Speedway.

A group of more than 150 Trump supporters gathered at Mount Pleasant Speedway Nov. 8 for two hours to protest the president-elect Joe Biden. 

The crowd brought their flags, lawn chairs and guns. Signs including the words "Pro-Life," "Pro-God," "Pro-Gun," "Pro-Law" and "Pro-Trump" decorated trucks and fences surrounding the rally. 

Leading up to the event, the rally's Facebook event garnered more than 1,100 responses.

A flier with the "MAGA Truth Declaration" was handed out to each attendee upon entrance. 

The declaration encouraged people to call and ask for support from six listed government officials. The names included Congressman John Moolenaar, Speaker Jason Wentworth, Representative-Elect Pat Outman, Representative Roger Hauck, Senator Rick Outman and Representative Annette Glenn.

Various speakers including Bree Moeggenberg, the host of the event, repeated the message that the election was not yet over, particularly because of uncounted votes in Arizona and Georgia. 

“It is likely going to be weeks, I repeat weeks, before Georgia can be properly tallied which means nobody should be calling the race,” one speaker said, highlighting illegal ballot harvesting. “They know the recount is going to bring all the fraud to the surface where the ballots that were not properly cast can be invalidated, and again, once they handle this, then we know how it’s going to shake out and it’s going to shake out in Trump’s favor.” 

Moeggenberg played a recorded message for the audience.

“This is not a fight about a president or presidency. This is a fight about the very bedrock of our constitutional republic and the democratic process," the recorded message stated. "You cannot have a free country if you cannot trust the electoral process in that country."

Rosebush resident Alissa McGuire agrees that Trump lost due to voter fraud. 

“I’m here because I believe that Trump won,” she said. “I believe there was a lot of fraud and he’s fought hard for us for the last four years, and so I’m out showing my support for him.” 

Two Trump supporters stand with their flags listening to a speaker at the MAGA Truth Rally Nov. 8 at the Mount Pleasant Speedway.

McGuire is not alone in her opinion. Many Trump supporters believe there was some level of voter fraud in the 2020 election that contributed to his loss. 

In addition to the rally, the organizers offered a petition to recall Governor Whitmer’s executive order 2020-50. The governor’s order, signed on April 17, established COVID-19 designated units in long-term care facilities to provide higher levels of care for those who become infected. 

The petition began Oct. 23. Organizers hope to garner more than one million signatures by Dec. 23. 

Tanya Harry, a protestor at the rally, said she was very upset with the governor’s order. 

“I feel the woman murdered many people to up her numbers, and I’m not okay with that. You don’t do that,” she said. “Whitmer was protecting elderly and then put COVID in with them.”