I-Ride to help host WCFX’s ‘Caravan of Care’


The Community Compassion Network hosts a drive-through food pantry in the parking lot of the William and Janet Strickler Nonprofit Center, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020. .

By Bryce Hollins 

Isabella County’s Transportation Commision, better known as I-Ride, is partnering with WCFX 95.3 and the William and Janet Strickland Nonprofit Center to help host its Caravan for Care event.  

From Jan. 23 to 27, WCFX will be at the William and Janet Strickland Nonprofit Center collecting non-perishable donations to assist six nonprofit agencies in the Mount Pleasant area in supporting residents and families in need.  

WCFX 95.3 Station Manager Kent Bergstrom said Caravan for Care has been ongoing for over 20 years now, though this is their first event since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.  

“Each one of the charities has a wish list and what they're looking for,” Bergstrom said. “Most of it is food, but there's money and there's clothes and there's household items that everybody's looking for.” 

On Jan. 26, I-Ride collected non-perishable food items equal to or greater than the value of the normal fare of $2 as payment. Other non-perishable items such as toilet paper, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, etc. will also be accepted for donation.  

“Our role is simply to provide one day of donations as bus fare to help support the local pantries,” said I-Ride Executive  Director Rick Collins.  

All items can be donated at the nonprofit center, or you can call I-Ride at 989-772-9441 and request a donation pickup from your location. 

 “If people can't get to give the donations themselves at the Strickler center, they can certainly give us a call and we can pick up their donation for them,” Collins said. 

The William and Janet Strickland Non-profit Center is located at 1114 W. High Street. It provides building space to a coalition of Mount Pleasant area nonprofit agencies to help their mission to support the local community.  

All six charities and their individual wish-lists as well as drop off times and locations can be found here