Raving Geeks: The Rom-com Bracket

On a lovely - pun intended - episode of Raving Geeks, Hope and Carter has guest host Michael Gonzalez to talk about their favorite romantic-comedy movies. Then, each movie is put up against each other to decide which movie is the best one for Valentines Day!

Past Deadline: Covering Jewish Heritage Week

On an all-new episode of Past Deadline, Aurora Rae talks with reporter Masha Smahliuk about her struggles and successes with covering Jewish Heritage Week

Level Up Chips: Soundtracks of our games

On a new episode of Level Up Chips, Max and Mike are joined by Raving Geeks host, Carter Salley. As they talk about the soundtracks of games that really made them feel alive, we all implore you to take a listen to each one suggested!

Level Up Chips: Live with Nintendo Directs

On this bonus episode of Level Up Chips, Max and Mike watch the Nintendo Direct on Wednesday and give their honest reactions to reveals. This was recorded on Wednesday.

Mountain News Roundup 2/7/23

Catch up on the latest news in the Central Michigan University and Mount Pleasant area with Kylie Sczepanski.

Past Deadline: About the toilet paper toss

On a new episode of Past Deadline, Editor-in-Chief and host Aurora Rae is joined by sports editor Ashley Birkness and sports reporter Megan Youngblood to talk about their coverage of CMU's latest toilet paper toss.

Raving Geeks: Wakanda Forever!

On this episode of Raving Geeks, Carter and Hope talk about the latest Black Panther movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

A Roadmap to CMU: Videos, assignments, and CMU

On this episode of A Roadmap to CMU, Prudhvi Pudi is joined by Yvs Revanth, a videographer of CM Life, to discuss their time with video, their job, and their classes.

Maroon and Bold: We are back!

Welcome to the first episode of 2023! In this week's episode, Sports Editor Ashley Birkeness sits down with the sports staff to talk about what's been happening in CMU sports. Kaia Zimmerman and James Besenhofer catch everyone up on women's basketball and Ryan Colores and Megan Youngblood talk about their experience with the CMU Toilet Paper Toss. Hadlee Peters makes her debut on the podcast as she talks about the Gymnastics team. This episode is sponsored by GreenTress Co-op Market.

Mountain News Roundup 1/31/23

Catch up on the latest news in the Central Michigan University and Mount Pleasant area with Kylie Sczepanski alongside guest reporters.

Level Up Chips: Video Game Adaptations

Welcome to another episode of Level Up Chips! Max and Mike talk about their favorite versions of video game adaptations. This could be movies, shows, and so much more. There was so much bad stuff that the good stuff really shines out, so take a listen!

A Roadmap to CMU S1 E1: We are live

For the series premiere of A Roadmap to CMU, host Prudhvi Pudi is joined by his guest, Karthik Pallagolla, to chat about their experiences making it to Central Michigan University and what their life has looked like on campus.

Raving Geeks: Our Inner-Geeks

On an all new episode of Raving Geeks, Hope and Carter talk about the characters in movie and shows that they're attached to. Which characters are their inner-geek? Tune in to find out!

Level Up Chips: The old and the new

On an all new season of Level Up Chips, Max Logan and Mike Gonzalez are back for their final season to talk about games! They're joined by guest host, Ben Mattern, to talk about all the games they've played lately and what they're excited for in the new year.

Raving Geeks: You spin-off me right around

This time on Raving Geeks, the Geeks talk about their favorite examples of spin-off series, on top of the not so great spin-offs.

Raving Geeks: And the Golden Globe goes to...

On the first episode of the season for Raving Geeks, hosts Hope Goodearl and Carter Salley are joined by guest Michael Gonzalez to talk about the nominations and wins of the 2023 Golden Globes. Who will win? Who will lose? And who will have the hottest opinion? Take a listen to find out!

Raving Geeks: The Geeks Claus

On the last episode of the semester of Raving Geeks, Carter Salley and Hope Goodearl celebrate the holidays with a discussion about Christmas traditions and their favorite movies or shows to watch around this time.

Roadmap to CMU-International Student Podcast: About Prudhvi Pudi (Sneak Peek)

A sneak peak to the international students podcast. This podcast is an interview between Micheal and Prudhvi discussing about the lifestyle of the international students and few difficulties which they faced while they first arrived  at CMU.

Maroon and Bold: Seasons begin as semester ends

Welcome to another edition of Maroon and Bold! In this week’s episode, sports editor Sean Chase welcomes the entire sports staff to the show to talk about the latest happenings with CMU athletics. Ryan Colores and Ashley Birkeness stop by to talk about the end of the CMU football season, Kaia Zimmerman updates us on the end of the volleyball teams season, while Megan Youngblood and James Besenhofer stop by to talk CMU basketball. All that and more on Maroon and Bold. This episode is sponsored by GreenTree Co-op Market.

CM Life

With a sneak-peek episode of A Roadmap to CMU: Guides for international students, Prudhvi Pudi asks all international students to contact CM Life to share stories, experiences, and tips from their time in Mount Pleasant.