CMU football loses two more coaches

Chris McCarty

Scott Loeffler has left the Chippewas football family for maize and blue pastures.

Loeffler, who held the position of quarterbacks coach for CMU, has stepped down to take over the same position with the University of Michigan.

“Scott Loeffler is a former player and coach there. He helped to develop some of the quarterbacks like (Scott) Dreisbach, (Tom) Brady and (Drew) Henson,” Head Coach Mike DeBord said.

“It was a great move for him to go back.”

DeBord said the coaches filling the vacancies would be announced in a release today.

Loeffler played one season with the Wolverines, where he backed up Todd Collins before he had his playing days cut short by a shoulder injury.

Loeffler coached for the Wolverines as a student and graduate assistant for four years before coming to the Chippewas.

Loeffler leaves in the midst of an offseason where serious questions will need to be answered about CMU’s starting quarterback next season.

Last year, Derrick Vickers and Derek Gorney both saw significant playing time and success at QB.

“I’ve told our quarterbacks when Scott left that if they sit back and pout about it they’re not going to get any better,” said DeBord.

“They have to take what Scott taught them and then they have to build with what the new coach will teach them.”

CMU also has lost its secondary coach for the second time in two years.

Curt Mallory was named to Gerry DiNardo’s staff at Indiana.

“Curt Mallory left when Indiana had their opening,” said DeBord.

“His dad is the former coach there and it was important for them to get someone in there who knows the program and knows Indiana.”

Last year, the Chippewas lost Willie Martinez when he took over the job of defensive coordinator at Georgia.

The third member of the CMU football staff to leave this offseason was Jason Carr.

“The surprise of it all was Jason (Carr) leaving coaching. He made a decision that for his family and time restraints this was best,” said DeBord.

Carr, the son of U of M head coach Lloyd Carr, left the Chippewas citting a desire to get out of the coaching business.

Debord said that all the open postions would be filled externally.

“I have hired great coaches here and I will continue to hire great coaches here,” said DeBord.

“In college football there is going to be movement and you have to adjust to changes. We’re not going to lose because of change.”