Allen discusses leadership at Nolde Lecture

Amanda Papke

Lawain McRae was required by her professor to attend the “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” Col. William B. Nolde Lecture Series.

Still, the Monroe junior said she learned from Brig. Gen. Roger L. Allen’s message.

“It was a really inspirational speech that he made,” she said. “He gave us a real life view of leadership dimensions.”  

Allen spoke about the responsibility leaders have in making decisions based on their values Wednesday in the Bovee University Center Auditorium.

Allen said leadership is about making decisions and that good decisions must be anchored on good values. He also said  individuals have to articulate, internalize and live by values.

“What you are makes a difference,” Allen said.

Allen, a Michigan State University Army ROTC graduate, has served in Latvia and taught military science at CMU.

He said that leadership is all about values. He added if good leaders want to establish credibility they have to “walk the talk” to be consistent, and to model their values on and off the job.

He also said leaders have to have compassion for the people that they serve.

“Good leaders know that leadership is followership,” Allen said.

Attendees said Allen’s speech was motivational.

“I thought it was both inspiring and challenging,” said Lt. Col. David Manville, chairman of the military science department.

Plymouth-Canton freshman Stephanie Kivell attended the event as a requirement for her MSC 120: Basic Military Lead I class.

“It was very good, very well informed,” she said. “I’m glad it was required.”

Maj. Cliff Shekter, military science assistant professor, said  values are essential in living a meaningful life whether someone is in the military or not.

“It was excellent; good words to live by,” Shekter said.