Military science students learn about leadership

Students should not be afraid to take risks.

This was a message stressed by guest speaker Lt. Col. Gary Brito of Hyannis, Mass., Monday night for the biannual Colonel William B. Nolde Lecture Series.

Brito lectured military science students and others in attendance on how to be successful leaders, giving advice from his own experiences in the military, including Operation Iraqi Freedom III.

The Nolde Lecture is sponsored by CMU’s military science department in memory of former assistant professor of military science Col. William B. Nolde.

“It gave a lot of insight on what to expect for your first year and how to treat soldiers,” said Troy junior Euyjin Chong.

Brito gave students realistic suggestions for their first year of duty in the military. Some guidelines included being physically fit, knowing fellow troops and being humble.

Along with loyalty and respect, he spoke of the importance of having compassion for soldiers and knowing what they need.

“I really liked his practical advice for seniors and juniors who want to become commission officers,” said Chelsea LeRoy, Augusta senior.

It’s important, as a leader, to motivate people to complete tasks, Brito told students. Confidence is another necessity in becoming a leader.

“Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate people to get a mission done,” he said.

Brito said his intention was to leave students with a better understanding of what is expected of them in their first year of commissioning in the military.