Ghosts busted

For nearly two hours Thursday night, Warriner Hall's Plachta Auditorium was haunted.

Students screamed out loud and jumped from their seats as they were shown photographs of supernatural faces, videos of unexplainable moving light and heard Electronic Voice Phenomena - voice recordings that are only audible on playback.

Believers and skeptics of life after death packed the auditorium to listen to Chris Fleming, a ghost hunter, share the stories of his experiences with ghosts from across the country.

"I want you to come to your own conclusion," he told the audience. "My entire life is based on some bizarre, crazy experiences that you wouldn't believe. But that's OK because you weren't there."

Fleming identifies himself as a 'sensitive,' someone who communicates with the forces of the unknown.

He was the host of a Biography Channel TV show "Dead Famous," in which he and his co-host traveled throughout America to make connections with dead celebrities that included Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Al Capone.

With up to 35 years of paranormal experience, he has investigated more than 400 cases including exorcisms and making connections with the spirits inhabiting the homes of families.

"I like to give scientific evidence because people don't just believe you. I want to give them tangible proof," he said. "I don't have all the answers, but I have more answers than anybody else."

Program Board organized the event to coincide with Halloween.

"With our history on campus, maybe they (students) will want to get a little scared, or skeptics will want to have things proven to them," said Sterling Heights senior Carolyn Seppey, PB daytime and special events coordinator.

Detroit sophomore, James Scott said his favorite part of the show was when Fleming showed video footage of his ghost hunts.

"It was kind of scary a little bit. The mist and the smoke on the video - you could see faces inside of it," he said.

Canton sophomore Brandon Davenport-Gray said he was just interested in what the ghost hunter had to say.

"I was a skeptic and now I'm less of a skeptic," he said.


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