Caul re-elected for last term, early counts say

As of midnight, the voters of Michigan's 99th Congressional district will reelect State Rep. Bill Caul, R-Mount Pleasant.

Caul was leading Nancy White 50 percent to 47 percent with 12 of 41 precincts reporting.

White is an associate professor of Finance and Law at Central Michigan University.

Caul's victory will send him to represent Michigan's 99th district for the third and final time. The Michigan state constitution limits members of the House of Representatives to three, two-year terms.

Even though she lost her bid for the state house, White, who resides in Mount Pleasant is pleased with how she fared in the local community. With her margin of defeat at about 3 percent, the race was much closer than expected.

"Isabella County is running very even, so the people I know voted for me," White said.

White said she is proud of the campaign she ran.

"I ran a very low budget campaign," White said. "I feel I did very well for running a low budget campaign."

White admitted she was facing an uphill battle in the 99th district, which has been represented by the Caul family for the past 10 years. Caul's wife Sandra, represented the 99th district from 1999-2005 and was forced to retire because of term limits.

"Isabella County has been pretty solidly Republican," White said.

White is unsure about her political future.

"I don't think I'll run again. I like the job I have, so I'll have to think about it," she said.

Comments from Caul's campaign could not be reached by press time.