Students should still come out and tailgate despite changes in rules

Dear CMU Students,

Student tailgating is one a fantastic tradition that helps make Chippewa Football Saturdays special. Tomorrow, we all have the opportunity to participate as we kick off another season of exciting Central Michigan football.

The pre-game and postgame activities that create an event for the entire university, as well as the game itself, are great opportunities to celebrate the people, history, traditions, and special relationships that make up the fabric of this great institution.

As we saw last weekend with a great win at Michigan State, Central Michigan is on a regional and national stage each time it plays a football game.

Our game day environment and experience should reflect the University’s mission and commitment to current and future students.

To us as administrators of that experience, that means finding ways to maintain our strong student tailgating tradition, but doing so in a safe and secure environment for all who attend.

I am confident the expectations recently outlined by the university will enhance your game day experience, improve the service you receive as our fans and ensure everyone’s safety.

Each and every university official and event employee is dedicated to assuring that we continue to provide you with one of the best game day experiences in the nation.

Saturday is your opportunity to enter this year with an open mind and evaluate the overall impact of these expectations.

We can, by working together, preserve the student tailgating tradition at Central Michigan University. I encourage you to “Hold The Rope” this Saturday and support your Chippewas. I hope all students will attend the tailgate and enjoy themselves in a responsible manner, reflective of the championship culture that we have on the field.

So purchase your reserved tailgating spot today, enjoy a great atmosphere on Saturday and cheer your Chippewas on to another victory.

Fire Up Chips!

Dave Heeke CMU Director of Athletics