A response to "Working class student"

I take offense to Chris Schanz’s piece last Wednesday, “I’m a working class student, but at least I’ll be prepared after graduation.”

It is wonderful that Schanz feels that working through college is preparing him for the real world. However, I believe I am going to be well prepared also and I worked my first “real” job this past summer.

Many students that are not employed during college are not wasting their time away. I have friends that are in multiple clubs and organizations. I would argue that those clubs, especially career-related ones, are better preparation for life after college than the typical college student job. A job at McDonald’s won’t really help a future lawyer. However, being involved in College Republicans or College

Democrats or the Pre-Law fraternity will give that student the actual skill set he or she needs to succeed in that field.

Organizations like these provide students with networking opportunities, conferences and a better understanding of the field they want to spend the rest of their life in.

Not having a job while I’m in college doesn’t make me irresponsible or lazy. By being involved in other activities, I am learning the exact skills that Schanz is learning at his job. I must manage my time wisely while balancing 19 credit hours, multiple RSOs and an array of friendships. I build my level of responsibility by being involved in e-board and committees.

I can also manage my money wisely. The money I earned over the summer is more than enough to carry me through the school year, with proper management. I have my budget and I stick to it.

My skills are what got me to Central Michigan and I desire to expand my knowledge, not my pocketbook, these four years.

Stephanie Jaczkowski Clinton Township junior