CCFA holds forum for associate dean candidate Al Wildey

The College of Communication and Fine Arts held its first forum for the associate dean position.

Al Wildey, interim associate dean, explained Monday in Moore Hall why he believes he is qualified for the position.

He had come to understand a number of issues and concerns he was deeply interested in. One of those concerns was a strategic plan for CCFA, he said.

“The college has never had a working strategic plan,” Wildey said. “That was something highly desirable to me and something we needed to do.”

The reaction was positive by the few faculty and staff who attended the forum.

Sally Rose, art faculty member, liked the fact that Wildey said he would include all voices when gathering information and making decisions.

“It is my desire that he does not add filters to the information gathered,” Rose said.

Printing Services Sales Representative Steve Dasher commented on Wildey's attention to detail. Wildey knows what a value Printing Services is for the university, Dasher said.

“The thing about Al on his printing projects over the years (is that) he has done a great job and is great to work with,” Dasher said.

Dasher said he respected the fact that Wildey was always prepared and worked well with everyone.

The College of Communication and Fine Arts is at the center of what happens around the university, Wildey said.

During the forum Wildey explained how the CCFA is a very diverse college with different approaches of doing one thing — communicating. It is done by an interruptive dance, something that is visual in the arts or even the topical discussion in journalism.

“We are all storytellers,” Wildey said. “There is a narrative involved in whatever is we do.”

Wildey is currently the only candidate for CCFA associate dean, said College of Science and Technology Interim Dean Jane Matty.

If other finalists are identified the committee will make them known, she said.

Special Assistant to the Provost Darby Gwisdala said it was because of a scheduling conflict that Wildey was being interviewed now.

“Mr. Wildey is going to be out of the country due to a prior commitment, hence the scheduling of his interview this week,” she said.