Trustee Torreano should be given more credit

As chair of the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees, I must challenge the factual errors and tone of the Feb. 19 CM Life editorial calling for the resignation of Trustee Gail Torreano.

Being a member of the CMU Board of Trustees is an honor and responsibility that every member takes seriously.

We serve because we all have a deep commitment to the university’s students, faculty and staff.

While trustees are most visible to the campus community at board meetings, their responsibilities extend far beyond that.

Trustees regularly represent CMU at events, participate in fundraising activities, make financial contributions of their own, meet with university stakeholders, handle a variety of board communications on behalf of CMU and attend commencement ceremonies.

All have board committee assignments that require additional time and attention, and those who serve as chair or co chairs of the Board of Trustees have extra responsibilities.

It also is not uncommon for board members to serve on other university boards and committees.

Your editorial incorrectly states that Trustee Torreano has missed two of the last four board meetings.

Factually, this is the first meeting she has missed since July 2009, participating in meetings in September, October and December.

Since February 2009, she has attended six of the eight board meetings held.

Trustee Torreano’s service to CMU and her devotion to the success of the university’s students surpass her role as a member of the Board of Trustees.

She has served as a member of the President’s Advisory Board, the Development Board and, as board chair, appointed the presidential screening committee and participated fully in all the presidential search activities with the rest of the board once the

Screening Committee had made its recommendations.

In addition, Trustee Torreano has assisted with securing financial gifts from AT&T, where she serves as a senior vice president.

She also has personally made significant financial contributions to the university.

Few alumni remain as dedicated and connected to their alma mater as Gail Torreano.

CM Life needs to be factual when they decide to malign the reputation of a person so devoted to CMU and recognize the personal sacrifice and professional responsibilities of those who give so much back in the interest of the university’s students, faculty and staff.

Stephanie Comai Chairwoman, Board of Trustees