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Members of LGBT community needs tolerance and friendship during trying times

Last month was very difficult for the LGBT community and our allies with national attention being brought to the suicides of young LGBT individuals Earic Mohat, of New York; Seth Walsh, of California; Asher Brown, of Texas; Tyler Clementi, of New Jersey; Justin Aaberg, of Minnesota; Billy Lucas, of Indiana; and Raymond Chase, of Rhode Island.

All of these youths had faced bullying and harassment.

There have also been acts of bullying and harassment in our own state, notably against the president of University of Michigan’s student body by a state assistant attorney general.

This string of publicized suicides has me, as well as others, concerned for our community.

Such incidents can trigger many emotions and thoughts in our students. I ask that you be aware of those around you as you are in class, the residence halls or with friends. If you notice anyone acting different than usual or suspect a problem, please help and provide the following resources.

The Trevor Project operates a 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBT youth, for information go to

Also, the CMU Counseling Center can provide support services and can be reached at 774-3381.

Finally, the Office of Gay and Lesbian Programs is here to provide support services to LGBT students and allies.

Please know the resources available to you and take care of each other.

Shannon M. Jolliff

Director of Gay and Lesbian Programs