Picks of the Week: "Costume Quest" and "Limit to Your Love"

“Costume Quest” (PS3, X360)

You’ve got to fight for your right to trick-or-treat.

The newest release from “Brütal Legend” and “Psychonauts” developer Double Fine hits Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network today and it’s bringing classic role-playing game style battles, costume-based classes and progression-based candy collecting to the Halloween season.

Players advance through sleepy neighborhoods and shopping malls as they battle horrible monsters dedicated to stealing their cherished confections.

Though the game has an adorable art style and features little kids for protagonists, gamers of all ages should be able to find something sweet in this goody bag.

-Connor Sheridan, Student Life Editor

“Limit to Your Love” by James Blake

The most recent tune from 21-year old UK resident and musical wunderkind, James Blake, is “Limit to Your Love,” a cover of Feist’s song of the same name and the first track to be released from Blake’s upcoming full length.

For the first time, Blake’s soulful and beautiful vocals are pushed to the front of the mix.

A sparse beat and dry-as-a-bone piano make up the instrumentation, though Blake makes liberal and masterful use of silence at different intervals. Minimal and heartbreakingly gorgeous stuff that’s not to be missed.

-Ben Weissenborn, Staff Reporter


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