Clothes, colors affect moods, can alter way people feel

Clio junior Taylor Knox wraps a scarf around her neck after walking outside Tuesday afternoon at the Bovee University Center. "Winter makes me want to bundle up to try and keep warm. Sweaters, mittens and hats, I just love being comfortable."(Photo by Victoria Zegler)

Who knew wearing a new shirt or pair of shoes could put you in a better mood?

Students around Central Michigan University’s campus who change up their look every day are discovering it can brighten their emotional state.

Dearborn Heights sophomore Chris Cole recently bought a new pair of Converse shoes and is feeling the change from his feet up.

“Wearing these shoes make me feel really good,” Cole said. “Even if there’s a new shirt I’ll want to wear it right after it comes out of the dryer."

Alex Gatica is all about comfort.

“Certain clothes like fashionable clothes are very uncomfortable to me," the Lake City freshman said. "I would rather wear jeans and tennis shoes. It makes me feel comfortable which means I’m happy.”

Though she puts thought into her outside apparel, Gatica said, she can't help but throw on a comfortable hoodie when she gets home.

Maureen MacGillivray, apparel merchandising and design professor, said she thinks a new outfit is something that can truly lift some someone's spirit.

“We (people) enjoy changing and renewing our environment," MacGillivray said. "Anything from painting the walls in your apartment or putting on a new outfit can change your mood."

There is a lot of research on color and it has a number of effects on people, MacGillivray said. Colors are said to have varying color temperatures due to their sensory effects, with red making things hotter and blue cooling things off.

“Brighter colors have always made me feel happier for some reason, I really enjoy wearing colors that make me stand out,” Gatica said.

Cole said he loves red and black, but he does not tend to wear very bright colors to avoid standing out too much.

"I definitely believe that the colors you wear can effect the mood," he said. "I feel if I see a girl wearing a bright colored shirt walking down the street she usually is followed by a smile."

Lexington freshman Rebecca Schroeder said fashion all depends on the personality of the person.

“I know there are certain colors and outfits that make me feel better, especially if I’m heading out for the night,” Schroeder said.


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