Picks of the week: Abe's beard and "Stacking"

Abe's beard

Of all the famous people throughout history that have sported the mighty beard, the 16th President of the United States had my favorite. I am not partial to Abraham Lincoln’s beard because of the style or how awesome it looked, but because of the methodology behind it.

After serving in the Illinois legislature and the House of Representatives he decided to do something he had never done before: grow a beard. The reason behind this decision was he claimed it would make him look more “presidential.” I can dig this.

Come on, Obama, where’s that ‘stache?

Michael L. Hoffman

"Stacking" (PS3, X360)

Sometimes, the simple things are the most fun. Playing air guitar. Wearing a costume. Stacking a Russian nesting doll, or matryoshka.

Double Fine Productions, developer of "Brütal Legend" and "Costume Quest," appreciates the simple things. It has an uncanny way of building whole worlds around them, as latest downloadable release "Stacking" proves.

An adventure game in the most elementary respect, the title casts players as the smallest doll in a world of matryoshkas. He must sneak into other dolls of increasing sizes to solve puzzles and eventually save his family.

Get into the game inside the game, inside the game, inside the game.


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