CMU P.L.A.Y.s to combat childhood obesity with active-lifestyle role models including Frank Zombo

Green Bay Packer and Chippewa alumnus Frank Zombo will join current CMU athletes to show Mount Pleasant children the importance of an active lifestyle April 16.

CMU P.L.A.Y.s in Finch Fieldhouse is intended to inspire children to maintain a healthy lifestyle through at least 60 minutes of daily activity, said Dorr senior Lindsey Lear.

“I think it’s a great idea, child obesity has been becoming a big issue so I believe getting kids out to play with CMU athletes is a way to show some great role models that hopefully inspire kids to become more active,” Lear said.

Lear is in charge of designing T-shirts, public relations and working with the registration forms for the event. Forms will go out to students in Mount Pleasant public schools on April 5 to get a final head count.

She said children can run through the stations at their own paces and will receive goodie bags with a CMU P.L.A.Y.s shirt, blow-up ball and other items to keep them active at home.

Lear said representatives from CMU athletics will include members of the basketball, baseball, football, volleyball teams and others.

She is one of five group members running the event as their main assignment for COM 401: Capstone in Communication.

The group members enjoy their time together and have worked hard putting it all together, California senior Ross Somerville said.

“Once we figured out what we wanted to do it started to become a lot more fun," Somerville said. "We’re doing very well and it all feels so organized. By the time April 16 rolls around we should be seeing a very successful event."

Sterling Heights senior Tara Turkington said the group is committed to fundraising to ensure success. The group is set up in the weeks leading up to the event in the Down Under Food Court in the Bovee University Center to sell T-shirts for $10 and cutouts for $1. A karaoke fundraiser will be held April 9 at The Cabin, 930 W. Broomfield St.

“I took charge of contacting as many people as I could for the event," Turkington said. "It is so important to me to get out there and encourage children"


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