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Picks of the Week: 'Dissidia: Duodecim(012) Final Fantasy,' OFWGKTA

"Dissidia:  Duodecim(012) Final Fantasy"

Blisteringly fast on-the-fly combat is atypical of any game tagged with "Final Fantasy," but "Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy" for the Sony PSP, is a pleasant exception.

Nixing traditional turn-based battles, "Dissidia 012" focuses on the one-on-one combat commonly found in fighting games while retaining several role-playing-game elements: You can choose to play as any one of Final Fantasy's greatest heroes or villains, and even with a cast of 31 characters, each has a distinct playstyle that feels unique.

Between leveling characters, obtaining tons of loot and mastering the game's rather complex battle system, there's a lot to enjoy in this "Dissidia Final Fantasy" prequel.

-Ryan Taljonick, Staff Reporter


Hip-hop doesn’t get more raw, original or exciting than Los Angeles-based Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, also known as OFWGKTA or just Odd Future.

The collective of teenaged rappers, producers and singers is taking the world of hip-hop by storm, while almost completely shirking the mainstream record company model for music. Most of their music has been released for free on and they have released no singles to the radio, and have still managed to build a massive nationwide following, mostly through homebrewed social networking strategies.

With 12 albums by various acts and groups within the collective currently available, the unifying traits of brilliant writing, dizzying production and adolescent rebellion can be seen throughout. These kids are making some of the best hip-hop out there today and are not charging for most of it. Check them out now, because they are going to be huge. I will bet real American money on it.

-Brad Canze, News Copy CHief