Union Township to end restrictions with new water treatment facility

Summer water restrictions on Union Township residents will end with the opening of a new water treatment facility on Isabella Road.

The $2.9-million project includes the cost of a 500,000-gallon storage tank, building, iron filter, chlorine equipment and a building expansion.

“When I first became township supervisor, I was reminded every summer the township would have water restrictions,” said Township Supervisor John Barker. “We didn’t have a choice about whether to do the project. We are very proud of the new state-of-the-art facility.”

Barker said even if there is a fire in the township, there is enough water held in a storage pump to handle it.

In order to save money, the township will make its own chlorine. There are two chlorine tanks to treat the water.

“Every day we measure how much chlorine is used," water operator Don Eichorn said. "It stays at a 0.8-percent concentration which is safer to use. It costs $4 a gallon if we buy it and only costs 80 cents a gallon to make our own.”

Joy Smith, who does all of the mapping for the township, said many college students residing in apartments within Union Township will be affected by the change.

She said the students get their water from the township, and the new facility will benefit them.

The filtration system includes three 100-foot deep wells. One well produces 750 gallons a minute and the other two wells produce 400 gallons a minute, said facility operator Shawn McBride.

McBride said the process by which Union Township makes its own chlorine and the new operating system have both worked wonderfully.

“One thing we wanted to do is sample our own water in our own lab,” he said. “That (way) we can gather samples at the same spot where the water is made.”


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