CMU alumna opens business specializing in nutrition services

When Kati Mora tells her sons to eat their vegetables, she’s not just doing her motherly duties.

Mora is a registered dietitian who graduated from CMU in December 2010 with a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.

Mora started her business, Mora Nutrition, last September. Unlike traditional businesses, Mora largely utilizes the internet to create a following and attract clientele.

"We provide a wide array of online nutrition services that allow our clients to interact with a registered dietitian right from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule," Mora said. "We also offer food journals and meal planning tools on our website which allow for people to eat healthy, happy and in style."

Mora also has a blog, Around the Plate, that she runs with three dietetic students from CMU. The blog focuses on hot topics to talk about each week, she said.

"We also feature other food and nutrition bloggers and host giveaways from time to time," Mora said. "It's a lot of fun and a great place to talk about nutrition."

Alpena senior Jennifer Lamb works as an intern for "Around the Plate."

When Mora came to speak to the Student Dietetics Association, Lamb could relate to the members' shared career goals. Lamb also hopes to complete her master’s degree and open a private clinic.

With not knowing where she would like to live in the future, Lamb said establishing herself online is a good first step.

“I like how she did her setup with the website and her blogs have gathered a lot of attention,” Lamb said. “I want to start with technology and networking, using Facebook and Twitter to generate attention.”

In-person consultations are also available. These are by appointment because Mora currently does not have office space.

Most consults are for medical-based conditions, where she works with a client to modify habits. Diabetes and weight management are most of her referrals.

“If someone has a nutrition concern or just wants to eat healthier, we can meet one-on-one to achieve their goals,” Mora said. “I also work with people who have a medical condition that requires special dieting.”