East campus residence halls set for charity powderpuff football game Sunday night

Luke King said he wants people to attend Sunday's powderpuff game not for the actual sport, but to support a good cause.

Fabiano, Emmons, Woldt, Saxe, Herrig and Celani halls will raise money for breast cancer, while playing powderpuff football at 7 p.m. under the lights of Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

The event will raise money for Kelly Cares Foundation. The foundation campaigns for education and awareness concerning breast cancer.

King, Florida junior and resident assistant, is the main coach for the Fabiano, Emmons and Woldt team. King said he wants as many people possible to come out to the game.

“I want people to come out in support on Sunday, not because of the game itself, but because of the cause we are playing for," he said. "Sunday isn't about the game on the field, but the game that all individuals suffering breast cancer are in.

"I want people to come out in support so that we can do our part to help those individuals win the game they are in."

RA Jordyn Kippe, one of the acting managers and players of the F/E/W team, said she is excited for the experience as a whole.

“This game is usually talked about for the rest of the year between the girls who participate because it’s such a fun time," said Kippe, an Otisville junior. "You get the opportunity to meet a lot of great friends out in the crowd."

With more than 50 girls participating between the halls, Kippe said this will be one of the biggest powderpuff football games on Central Michigan University’s campus all year.

“When I say 50 people, that’s not even counting the male cheerleaders, coaches or people who just come out to enjoy the game,” Kippe said.

With a lot of players on each team Sunday, everyone should come out to help raise awareness about breast cancer and support all of the players on the field, King said. He said he expects the game to be an even match between the two rival teams.

“We’re always smiling and having a good time," Kippe said. "The girls are super pumped for the game, and no matter who wins, everyone is excited about helping the cause"


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