Academic prioritization release expected next week after several delays

Academic prioritization is behind schedule, but Provost Gary Shapiro expects to release the results next week.

The process began in November 2010, when the provost asked all college deans to rank their degree programs on importance and funding needs.

Shapiro told Central Michigan Life in August the announcement would arrive near the end of September.

“The timeline is about two to three weeks behind schedule due to other university business and demands,” said Steve Smith, director of public relations. “(Shapiro) is currently reviewing his priority rankings and preparing his report to the campus, which will accompany his recommendations.”

Shapiro said he is in meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and is not hopeful about getting the findings out by Friday. He said it is about 95 percent complete and expects it to be announced sometime next week.

“There is significant university business beside the reprioritization process,” he said. “This is not a normal fall semester.”

Shapiro said the release was delayed because he has been busy with other responsibilities regarding issues with the budget, facilities and space.

When Shapiro was asked if the delay was caused by the contract conflict with the Faculty Association, he said there was a number of different issues he was currently dealing with and did not comment further.

Shapiro said he is going back through the data to double-check for any grammatical errors and problematic rankings. He is also developing a report to explain what has led to their findings and what CMU can do to move forward.

“We’re at the process of double-checking, editing my comments,” he said. “There is just a tremendous amount of data.”

After the editing process, if complete, Shapiro will go over the information with University President George Ross and make his recommendations. Ross has seen a preliminary draft, but he has not yet reviewed it in its entirety, Shapiro said.

Shapiro expects Ross to rely on his recommendations, he said.


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