Students starts CoolLifeLivin clothing line, works toward entrepreneurship major

Kalamazoo senior Nick Reynolds sketches designs for his CoolLifeLivin merchandise Monday afternoon in his Bluegrass apartment. "CoolLifeLivin is a movement to encourage people to be themselves," Reynolds said. "It's cool to see my artwork on shirts and stickers around campus." (Charlotte Bodak/Staff Photographer)

Over the past three months a new clothing brand has emerged in the Mount Pleasant community.

Kalamazoo senior Nick Reynolds is the founder of CoolLifeLivin, or CLL.

Reynolds said CLL began as a slogan he created and evolved into a clothing line, budding brand and movement.

“I came up with the idea and put it on shirts for myself and I saw that other people liked it,” Reynolds said. “As time went on, I saw the true meaning behind the words and turned it into a movement that teaches people to be themselves.”

Reynolds said he views CLL as a lifestyle.

“What’s cool to one person may not be cool to the next person, but it doesn’t matter,” Reynolds said. “If something is cool to someone else, who am I to judge them?”

Reynolds said his entrepreneurship major and advertising minor come in handy with his own endeavors and promoting CLL is one of his hobbies.

“I looked at it as a way to make money off of my hobby,” Reynolds said. “So I majored in entrepreneurship to do just that.”

He said he plans to expand the brand and keep it going as long as he can.

Engineering and Technology Instructor Alan Papendick said he thinks what Reynolds is doing is exciting.

“He took my introduction to graphics class and took the initiative to make his own designs,” Papendick said. “He came to open labs and stayed after class.”

The CoolLifeLivin logo has already made its way onto the fronts of numerous T-shirts.

“Right now I just have T-shirts, but beanie hats, crew necks and hoodies are coming soon,” Reynolds said. “I also have long-sleeved T-shirts for females coming next week.”

Facebook, Twitter and the CoolLifeLivin YouTube channel are just a few mediums Reynolds uses to bring awareness to the brand.

Students say the CLL Facebook page keeps them informed on upcoming events involving CLL and new merchandise.

“I find out everything I need to know about CLL like ordering information and incoming shipments from the Facebook page,” said Sterling Heights junior Kenneth Singletary.

While other brands such as Ten Over Ten America and MVMT Snapbacks exist on campus, Reynolds said he believes the meaning behind his brand is what sets his apart.

“The secret to success is never being satisfied because you’ll want to stay in that one particular spot,” Reynolds said. “As long as I have this brand, I’ll never be satisfied.”

Reynolds said he receives support from friends and family.

“This whole thing is an adventure,” he said. “I mean I’ve fallen and bumped my head, but I’ve learned from my mistakes.”


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