ALBUM REVIEW: Angerfist's latest gabber offering 'Retaliate'


With so many different music cultures around the world, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s popular with whom.

While America is absolutely smitten with house and dubstep music, the European countries have been seeing a new wave of popularity in the long-lasting genre known as "gabber."

Originally a '90s electronica genre, gabber has been one of the most powerful forces in many European countries’ electronica scenes and has been going strong ever since its inception.

Gabber is what happens when electronica artists ask, “But what if we make it harder?” The genre is characterized by its dark, industrial tone and extremely overdistorted bass. Today’s gabber scene is quite possibly the most heavy, violent dance music around and holds the honor of being so terrifying, it could offend your mother.

Angerfist rides high as being one of the absolute most popular gabber DJs in the world. With two albums already behind him, Angerfist goes above and beyond with releasing his third album, “Retaliate,” as three discs coming in at over three-and-a-half hours of unleashed, brutal dance music.

Do not take the “violent” tag lightly — gabber is to electronica what death metal is to rock. Heavy industrial synth lines are almost pushed aside but the sheer terror in how fast and explosive the bass drum is in these songs. With the right stereo system, these sounds will tear right through your body like a flurry of fists taken to the stomach.

But the music itself is not the only dark aspect of Angerfist’s work; the content of these songs is definitely for mature audiences only. With samples being a big part of the Gabber genre, Angerfist has overloaded his music with dark tales of murder, rape and other violent imagery.

“Retaliate” is a massive release, clocking in at 45 tracks comprised of originals and remixes featuring many other electronica artists including Predator, Lady Kate, Radium and Drokz. There is more than enough deafening content for any gabber fan.

With such a large track list, it is easy for some tracks to just sound like filler and not live up to the bigger songs. Some songs like “Yes (Znooptokkie Drokz Remix)” just get outclassed by other content and some of the remixes such as “Strangle And Mutilate (Negative A & Counterfeit Remix)” just don’t quite live up to the original.

But there isn’t a single track on this release that won’t get your body moving.

Angerfist has once again showcased why he is one of the biggest names in gabber right now with what can be described as the soundtrack to a bloody mass murder dance party.

If you are looking for the absolute heaviest in dance music and will not be scared off by violent content and profanity, then pick up “Retaliate.” Just keep the little kids far away when playing.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Genre: Gabber