Five tickets officially running in SGA presidential elections

The Student Government Association candidates for President and Vice President are set.

During a press conference Tuesday night in Charles V. Park Library's Strosacker Room, the five tickets officially introduced themselves and key platforms they are running on. Each candidate also made comments about the proposal for a unicameral system that will be included on the general elections ballot.

Warren senior Connor Gallagher is running for President with Carleton junior Andrew Clark.

“We want to bring SGA back to a group were we work for the students,” Gallagher said. “This whole unicameral and bicameral debate has been pretty edgy lately — I love it though — the students are raising up and using (their) voices.”

Hesperia senior Killian Richeson is running with Schoolcraft sophomore Shane McGoff.

“Instead of cutting an arm off the organization, we can definitely use both. We can utilize the house in a way that it would be more perfect,” Richeson said. “If we can just mobilize them and give them a reason to want to participate rather than trying to force them into something they don’t want to do.”

Romeo senior Kevin Richmond is running with Andover senior Scott Cooke.

“I am opposing the current (proposed) unicameral system, but I am able to compromise, because I feel the idea behind it is to get legislature to pass through quicker and more efficiently,” Richmond said.

Sparta junior Spencer McKellar is running with Fenton freshman Sean Rositano.

“We are also against the current proposal for changing the system and the structure of SGA from the bicameral system to a unicameral system,” McKellar said. “We see flaws in the legislative body.”

McKellar said they would be leaving the decisions to change the legislative branch up to the house and senate.

Macomb junior Justin Gawronski is running with Alma junior Anna Dvorak.

“Regardless of whether or not the unicameral system passes on the ballot, Anna and I are the best candidates to facilitate the transition to a new system or to implement changes to make the current bicameral system more effective,” Gawronski said.

The general elections will be held from March 12-16; students can vote online.


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