Q&A: SGA presidential candidate Connor Gallagher

Student Government Association Presidential candidate and Warren senior Connor Gallagher talked with Staff Reporter Octavia Carson about his campaign. Central Michigan Life will do question and answer interviews with all SGA presidential candidates. Vice Presidential candidate and Carleton junior Andrew Clark did not respond to a request for an interview in time of publication. The general elections will be held from March 12-16; students can vote online.

Octavia Carson: What do you want to accomplish?

Connor Gallagher: Our main goals are as follows: Have a computer lab on north campus and south campus open 24-hours per day; address the rising tuition costs and attempt to keep as much money in students' pockets as possible; address the lack of parking on campus, especially for north campus, where seniors drive to class daily; create an easier medium for the spread of ideas so all students can be easily and equally heard on issues that are affecting their every day lives; create an undergraduate counseling/mentoring program to guide freshmen and help them understand how to get a job after their four-year education; work with police and administration to safely and effectively through compromise and school spirit bring our tailgate pride back.

OC: How would you handle a situation such as the FA crisis?

CG: My interests are always pro-students; the Faculty Association has their own representation. It would be inappropriate of me to comment on the way past situations were handled. My job as student body president would be to share interests with every student on campus and make sure no student is deprived the right to attend classes that they paid for.

OC: Since the unicameral Proposal 1 was taken off the ballot, what do you want the bicameral system to look like?

CG: I just want more students on campus to be excited to get their opinions expressed to the SGA. The SGA is a valuable product that we can sell to students here on campus, and if we market and push it to students who want to get involved, we can have more (ideas) and thoughts infused into our policy making. It is our job as officers of SGA to make sure every student knows what the SGA can do for them and that the SGA is one of the most beneficial organizations on campus for students.

OC: Connor, how would your experience with Greek life help you as president?

CG: My experience with Greek life has helped me immensely. I have learned how to run an RSO here on campus from the president and vice president positions. Greek Life to me is a microcosm of our university, and I already have valuable experience running and leading an organization.


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