Sacred Heart commencement speaker refused after church officals learned he was gay

A Sacred Heart Academy graduate says he cannot speak at commencement after school officials found out he was gay.

Dominic Sheahan-Stahl was not told by Sacred Heart, but informed by his mother, he said in a video posted on YouTube yesterday.

“I was very taken aback and shocked by this,” he said.

A Facebook page called “Let Dominic Speak,” has received more than 1,500 likes since its creation last night.

Sheahan-Stahl said he was told by Sacred Heart that if he hadn’t put it on Facebook that he would possibly be able to give his speech.

Sheahan-Stahl said he is not aiming to upset or bother anyone, but to inform that discrimination is wrong.

He said there is not one inkling of him being gay in his speech, but that it focuses on fear and  how the world can be.

Sheahan-Stahl’s youngest brother is graduating from Sacred Heart this year, he said.

Sacred Heart school officials plan to issue a statement by the end of the day.

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